winter wedding bouquet recipe
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder December 04, 2012

bouquet blueprint | winter peach + wool

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Here is the second installment of our new column – bouquet blueprint… love that wool!

winter wedding bouquet recipe


This winter inspired bouquet is created from a mix of Amaryllis and light textured elements for a spin on the traditional Christmas arrangement. Amaryllis is a very popular flower for the Christmas season; using them in the peach tone creates a light and unique feel. The wool wrapped stems create a soft texture to finish off the overall winter theme of the bouquet. Amaryllis is in available winter and spring while dahlia’s peak season is summer through early winter.

winter wedding bouquet recipe


  • 6 blooms of white dahlias
  • 6 stems peach hypericum berries
  • 3 stems “million star” gypsophila
  • 5 stems Amaryllis “Rilona” (peach tone)
  • 1 Oasis brand bouquet holder
  • 36 clear irradiant glass ornaments
  • 2 feet gray wool
  • 36 pearl headed round pins

winter wedding bouquet recipe


This bouquet is created from show stopping amaryllis stems surrounding a bouquet holder. The floral foam allows the dahlias, hypericum berries and gypsophila to have a water source and stay fresh all day long. Dahlias are very sensitive to lack of water and are best kept in a bouquet holder or directly placed in a small amount of water. Amaryllis is very delicate and it is best to touch them as little as possible.

winter wedding bouquet recipe


A light and airy boutonniere is a perfect match for this bouquet. The boutonnieres below are perfect! Peach hypericum berries accented with twine on the stem; Berries, Million Star and ornaments; Million Star accented with soft gray wool.

winter wedding bouquet recipe winter wedding bouquet recipe


amazing photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // gorgeous florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // styling/layout by: Jen | Something Turquoise

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