October 02, 2012

Having multiple bartenders in my family… who are always dreaming up new concoctions… gave me an idea! Why not feature a new wedding inspired cocktail each month!!! Here is the fourth signature drink recipe ~ the Kahlua creme soda. So yummy and creamy! The color fits perfectly with any vintage style wedding… and of course it looks adorable in the mason jar too!

signature wedding cocktail

signature wedding cocktail

To me – it is all about the color. I encourage all my brides to serve a ‘signature drink’ at their receptions and/or bridal showers. One that matches their party either in theme or in color. This month, I really wanted to share a light and refreshing beverage that was khaki in color. So many brides are throwing vintage themed events and would like to serve beverages in mason jars… so we came up with the Kahlua Creme Soda! Mix the French Vanilla Kahlua and the condensed milk together first, pour over ice and then add your soda – watch out for the fizz and don’t forget to add a cute straw!

The Kahlua Creme Soda

2 Parts Cola

1 Part Kahlua French Vanilla

2 tbsp. condensed milk

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