September 25, 2012

Your engagement ring should symbolize your unique personality, style and flair for life! If you have seen any of my DIY tutorials then you might have noticed that my wedding ring is a bit unique; it is an aquamarine solitaire from Tiffany’s combined with my great, great aunts vintage wedding bands – I’m obsessed to say the least. Which is exactly how you should feel about your engagement ring; it will be your number one accessory for the rest of your life! So, are you the traditional white gold solitaire diamond type bride or are you a little more adventurous? I absolutely love when couples get creative with their engagement rings… here are a few of my favorite unique and alternative engagement rings from Etsy artists…

unique engagement rings

All of these gorgeous images above are from current Etsy listings; check them out below!

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ETSY SELLER/IMAGE CREDITS // 3 Carat Natural Prehnite Engagement Ring with Diamonds 14kt Gold, $755 – Stevelee Jewelry // Edgy wide band cubic zirconia engagement ring, $127 – Lola & Cash // Crimson Red Garnet Engagement Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold, $698 – Madelynn Cassin Designs // 14kt Gold Blue Topas Engagement Ring Square Cut, $370 – Handmade Jewelry by Julie Stark // 14kt Rose Gold Thin Morganite Round Halo Engagement Ring, $950 – Rosados Box // Modified Tension Set Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring 14kt Gold, $1045 – Node Form // 14kt Rose Gold Modern Faceted Engagement Ring, $500 – Metalicious // 6.02 Carats Uncut Diamond Raw Rough Natural Engagement Ring, $725 – Enzo Luccati // White Pearl 18kt Palladium White Gold Engagement Ring, $1900 – Node Form // 18kt Yellow Gold and Diamonds Engagement/Wedding Ring, $1790 – Aurum Handmade Jewelry // Oval Moonstone Wedding Set in 14kt Rose Gold, $1884 – Laurie Sarah Designs //


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September 25, 2012

Thanks so much for featuring my ring! I'm among beautiful company!

March 2, 2013

Please email me at, I am extremely intereseted in the ring pictured at the top, the natural prehnite engagement ring. Please tell me you still have this???