Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder September 06, 2012

aisle style | anti-wedding dress #1

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Something old, something new, something borrowed … and the brides wearing blue? Yes, you guessed it, color is the next big trend in bridal fashion and it is the first topic of the anti-wedding dress series. With so many brides craving a sense of individuality, some end up going against the grain of tradition when it comes to what they are wearing – so I came up with the topic of the anti-wedding dress to explore all of those avenues. What is the anti-wedding dress you ask? Well it isn’t the average wedding gown and it definitely isn’t what your mother wore, it’s totally original and untraditional, it’s for the bride thats craving individuality and who want’s her personality to shine though her bridal fashion. What better way to shine than though color? The wedding runways this season were splashed with bold strokes of color, including smoldering reds, heavenly blues, and – of course – essential bridal blushes. “You don’t have to wear a white dress anymore,” says Brides Fashion Director Rachel Leonard, “but it still has to look like a wedding dress. The trick is to find a color that’s flattering to your skin tone, and not everyone looks great in white.” With that said, lets bathe ourselves in color this bridal season! – Brittany Hart of The Fashion Drug

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