August 18, 2012

As you might have seen on Twitter or Instagram… I am off on a splendid vacation in Europe! Visiting Scotland to see my bestie and Italy to fill myself with wine and pasta… enjoying the time relaxing with my darling husband. So… ST is getting a little vacation as well! I will see you all back here next week, Monday morning August 27th… ciao!

vintage italian pin-up girl

{image source here, layout by Jen | Something Turqoise}

Top Wedding Blog 2012

Just in case you missed any of our fantastic posts this week, here they are:

Monday: the darling secret proposal of Clay + Elizabeth by Brooke Images

Tuesday: super fun and totally free wedding planning apps for your iPhone

Wednesday: the gorgeous wedding of Paul + Lindsey by Montana Dennis

Thursday: the dreamy engagement shoot of Chris + Chelsea by Darling Juliet

DIY Friday: super cute personalized bride + groom coffee mug tutorial

top wedding blog


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