Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder July 02, 2012

signature drink recipe | chocolate cake shot

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This is a newer feature to Something Turquoise, the signature drink recipe. Having multiple bartenders in my family… who are always dreaming up new concoctions… gave me an idea! Why not feature a new wedding inspired cocktail each month!!! Here is the third signature drink recipe ~ the chocolate cake shot. A favorite of our family! So delicious, it tastes exactly like you are eating a piece of chocolate cake – they are dangerous! Perfect for a yellow themed event, a bachelorette party… or any time at all!

chocolate cake shot recipe

{click on the image above to print out a recipe card}

To me – it is all about the color. I encourage all my brides to serve a ‘signature drink’ at their receptions and/or bridal showers. One that matches their party either in theme or in color. This month, I was inspired to share this amazing shot recipe because for some reason I’ve been talking a lot about Bachelorette parties. This drink is so simple; equal parts Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka and Frangelico, shaken over ice and garnished with a lemon wedge dipped in sugar. If at a wedding, your bartenders will have no problem serving this drink. If at a bachelorette party, just cut the lemons up ahead of time, find some cute shot glasses, mix and pour as you need, so simple! Enjoy!

The Chocolate Cake Shot

Equal parts Vanilla Vodka & Frangelico

{shaken over ice, then poured into glass}

Lemon Wedge dipped in Sugar

*For this shot to taste like ‘chocolate cake‘ you need to squeeze the lemon juice into your mouth with the sugar and hold it there until you take the shot… mmmmm….

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