Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder September 30, 2011

DIY | chalkboard here comes the bride sign

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I love the new trend we have been seeing this season of ‘Here Comes The Bride’ signs being carried down the isle by ring bearers and flower girls. I think it is adorable… and I have seen so many different kinds. Here is a cute and easy way to make your own:

Something Turquoise DIY

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Martha Stewart… and I am so in love with her new line of craft paints. I was actually fortunate enough to win a contest on her craft blog where I was awarded a whole box, full of this fun new line. So playing around I came up with this idea: a chalkboard Here Comes the Bride Sign, with a handle for your ring bearer or flower girl to hold onto.

Something Turquoise DIY


  • 11″ x 14″ piece of finished wood from Michaels
  • Martha Stewart Chalkboard Craft Paint in Gray available exclusively at Michaels
  • foam paint brush
  • my favorite glue E6000
  • cheap drawer pull from Lowe’s 
  • chalk or chalk pen

Start by painting the front side of your choice of wood.

Something Turquoise DIY

This paint requires two fully saturated coats. With at least one hour of drying time in between each coat. This paint is not washable once dry, so make sure you are painting on a protected surface and that you are wearing clothes you don’t care about. DIY

After your two coats are fully dry, glue the drawer pull onto the back of the wood. Depending on the wood you choose, pick a spot for your handle that will be easiest for your little attendant to carry it down the isle. I laid the drawer pull on the wood to measure where I should put the glue. Use a generous amount of glue, we want the glue to spill out into the holes to make a nice seal. DIY

Push down and hold for about a minute. This glue requires 24 hours of drying time for a hard seal. DIY

Once the glue on the handle is dry, paint the backside of your wood. This is only to make the project look finished, I did not do two coats of paint because I’m not going to write on the backside.

Something Turquoise DIY

If need be, use a smaller brush to get into all the corners. I love how the wood grain shows through.

Next, prime your new chalkboard for writing. Drag the side of a piece of chalk the length of your board, all over the board.

Something Turquoise DIY

Then wipe it clean with a dry towel. This adds a needed dust to the surface of the board.

Something Turquoise DIY

Now write ‘here comes the bride‘! What I love about this being a chalkboard is that if you mess up, you can just erase it! That’s it, you’re done. A completely personal (and easy) ‘here comes the bride’ sign. DIY

Dear ST readers: If you make a project from any of my DIY’s, please send me a picture… I would LOVE to see your creations!


{DIY credits} photography, as always: Studio 11, DIY: Jen | SomethingTurquoise

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