Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder August 12, 2011

DIY | flower arrangement

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Today’s DIY is how to arrange flowers in a wide mouth vase or bowl. How can you get your flowers to stay where you want them? Easy, build a grid out of tape:

Flower Arrangement How-to

Usually a bowl like this would be for floating candles or potpourri… but I wanted to put flowers in it. So… take regular scotch tape, here I cut mine in half length wise so that my strands were nice and thin… then strand by strand build a cross-wise grid like below. Keeping the ends of the tape that overlap onto your vase, as short as you can. This creates a support system that keeps your flowers exactly where you want them. This technique can be used with almost any vase or bowl.

How to arrange flowers

Next, cut all your flower stems down to the height of your vase, I bought two pretty bundles from Trader Joe’s.

DIY flower arrangement

Starting in the middle – tightly arrange your flowers. Keeping in mind the design rule that ‘odds are always better’. One, three, five, seven… stick to that rule with your focal point type flowers, like roses or peonies – use one rose or three… but not two.

Tutorial on how to arrange flowers

Keep working from the center out and pretty soon you will have a beautiful arrangement! Good Luck!!!

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