Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder August 03, 2011

DIY | flower hair piece

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I love wearing flowers in my hair and I hate paying $40 for a beautiful one. So I came up with this DIY that I am sharing with you today… so go pick out your favorite fake flower, grab a needle and get started! Wouldn’t this one below make a darling ‘something blue’?

diy flower hair piece



  • E600 (the best glue ever)
  • pretty silk flower of your choice
  • matching thread and needle
  • clothespin
  • small piece of felt
  • jewelry clips

This is a super easy way to take a beautiful $6 flower from Michaels (which is where I got all the supplies for today’s project, don’t forget their bi-monthly 40% coupon!) deconstruct it, and turn it into a personalized hair piece.

do it yourself flower hair piece

Start by taking your flower apart completely. Get rid of the stem and all the cheesy plastic pieces. Next, layer your flower petals back together.. if there are some petals you don’t like, throw them out – or add to them if you please!

do it yourself flower hair piece

Now sew all the petals together, just a simple stitch – enough to hold them tight.

DIY flower hair piece

Next choose your flower center and sew or glue them on. This could be a flat crystal, beads, a button or almost anything. For the white flower I chose blue swarofski crystals (this could be your ‘Something Blue’) and then faux beige pearls for the purple one.

something blue flower hair piece

Some beads require a very thin ‘beading’ needle, which I used above. Only use your beading needle for stringing beads or working with other delicate items, the needle itself is very delicate. I did not use my beading needle to sew my petals together.

diy flower hair piece

Now take your choice of hair clip (or don’t, if I am in a rush and don’t have time to glue – I bobby pin the flower into my hair) and grab some felt. Trim the felt around the clip and insert it in between the two pieces of metal, then on the backside smear my favorite E6000 glue all over it. Then glue it to the back of your flower, I like to put a clothes pin or popsicle stick in between the clip so that it won’t accidentally be glued together – just incase the glue ooozes out. Let the glue set for 24 hours! You are DONE!

Something Blue Flower Hair Piece

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