July 22, 2011

MJ, a doctor living in New York and Jess a lawyer living in Orlando had a weekend together and were able to have the uber-talented Kristen Weaver shoot their engagement session. Jess’s mom actually helped style the couple for the shoot, having a long history of working in fashion and on photoshoots – it was the perfect way for her to be involved. Kristen said she will never forget this little note that MJ wrote, “Yes…managing a long-distance relationship (now, engagement) can be trying, but the thought of spending the rest of my life with her keeps me going.” Adorable.

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Orlando Engagement Photography


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November 15, 2011

I just found this post today! Thank you for your sweet words! MJ and I got married Nov. 5th :) but we LOVE looking back at our fun engagement pictures! Kristen Weaver is so AMAZING! Can't wait to see her pictures from our wedding! ~ Jess