My name is Jen… and like a lot of other girls, I’m obsessed with weddings and always have been. Working within the wedding industry for over 10 years as a mobile hair dresser and avidly following wedding blogs – I felt a deep need to create my very own. This blog is my pride and joy, my wildest dreams come to life and my favorite place to be – I am so very THANKFUL that you are here and I truly hope you enjoy it.


We all know the wedding rhyme, ” Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. Well my ‘something blue’ wasn’t blue at all… it was ‘something turquoise’… which was the ultimate inspiration for the name of my blog.

Wedding magazines are expensive and tend to offer little inspiration compared to the possibilites of a daily published blog. Real people, real events, real budgets, real advice, equal lots to share… and that’s why wedding blogging has become what it is today. I hope to make a significant contribution to this new and exciting community.

Follow me and my trail of turquoise on this wedding inspiration journey and leave comments; everyone loves a comment.


I am happiest when I am creating. Which is why my DIY tutorials mean so much to me. I have literally been crafting since I was three {yes that is a picture of me getting my very first sewing machine} and it is an enormous part of my life. They say that you know you are a crafter when you run out of glue sticks faster than you run out of lipstick – that is definitely true for me. Every single tutorial that you find here on Something Turquoise was created by me, photographed by my husband and brought to life specifically to inspire you to create something special for your wedding day. The goal of my detailed tutorials is to give you all the information you need to complete a project – no matter your crafting experience.

I live in beautiful Long Beach, California with my handsome husband Mike Carreiro {who just happens to be the best photographer on the plantet, really} and our two funny cats Ash and Marina.

Here is a glimpse into my crafty life… xoxo, Jen

Something Turquoise Craft CornerPin

1. My heart belongs to Jesus Christ

2. I married my high school sweetheart

3. I would rather eat chips & salsa than chocolate

4. I think that Shark Week should be a national holiday

5. I hate running and reading books

6. i only use a MAC

7. I only drink red wine. You only have white? …I’ll take water

8. I love making to-do lists, but I love crossing them off even more

9. It’s always coffee time

10. If you couldn’t tell, my favorite color is TURQUOISE