Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder May 20, 2011

editorial | fairy tale dresses

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Why don’t we see photography like this? These shots took my breath away… I want to be those girls! Featured on… show these to your photographer!

1. Supernatural. Dress $1,400, Sarah Seven. Earrings, Robyn Rhodes. Rings, Gioelli by Nikki Baker and Robindira Unsworth.

2. She’s mistress of the realm in resplendent ruffles. Dress $3,575, Jim Hjelm. Earrings and bracelet,Double Happiness jewelry.

3. A sylvan princess poses for her portrait. Dress $3,995, Vera Wang. Feather headband, Jennifer Behr.

4. Shimmer by the still waters. Dress $7,000, Chagoury Couture. Earrings, Robyn Rhodes. Necklace,Robindira Unsworth. Cuff, Suzanna Dai.

5. Just kissed a frog in her voluminous ball gown. Dress $6,590, St. Pucchi. Tiara, Paris. Cuff, Kerry MacBride. Ring, Daniel Espinosa.

{photo credits} Erik Almas for Brides Magazine

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