May 25, 2012

I found these adorable mini-appetizer forks at Vons, fell in love and knew I had to do something with them! So here it is… mini-fork truffle seating cards… place on each plate for your guests to enjoy!

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

Supplies: Mozaik appetizer forks, 1″ round scalloped paper punch, mini-cupcake liners, Glue Dots, yummy truffles, pen and card stock of your choice!

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

First start by punching the round circles for each guests name, cutting the paper in strips if need be – to get the most from each sheet of card stock.

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

Next, write each guests name on your punched circles. Punch a few extras for mistakes.

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

Now the fun part! Apply a glue dot to the top, front side of a fork…

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

Then press the punched circle onto the glue dot on the fork!

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

Repeat for each guest! They just look so cute!

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

Next, carefully stab each truffle with a personalized fork and place into a mini-cupcake liner… then place on your guests plate!  I will say carefully again, if done too hard the fork will split the truffle in half – and then you’ll have to eat it!!! This step can be done at your reception, if not… place them all on a large cookie sheet to transport.

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

The choice of colors for mini-cupcake liners and card stock circles is almost endless!

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

This would be perfect for a small brunch or possibly a bridal shower!

diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin


diy mini fork truffle seating cardsPin

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!

something turquoise DIY

photography: Studio 11 // DIY: Jen | Something Turquoise // Martha Stewart 1″ round scalloped punch, permanent pen and Glue Dots: Michaels // cute mini-cupcake liners: Cupcake Social via Etsy // Mozaik appetizer forks: I got mine at Vons but you can also get them here // truffle box: Whole Foods // paper in ‘paper bag’: Paper-Source

September 9, 2011

How cute are these!!?? I love these little glass favor jars that are sold at Michael’s in the wedding section. I kept staring at them for weeks thinking about what I was going to create and while I was making some mini-cupcakes – it hit me. If the mini-cupcake liners could fit in these glass jars, I could do chocolate tasting! Another thing that I LOVE is chocolate tasting – so I am loving this favor – as I am sure any party guests will. So here we go: do-it-yourself mini-glass jars as chocolate tasting wedding (or bridal shower) favors:

chocolate tasting wedding favorsPin


  • Mini-glass favor jars 
  • mini-cupcake liners (I got mine from my favorite Etsy seller, Cupcake Social)
  • small circle labels (the labels are from Paper-Source)
  • your top three favorite chocolate bars!

supplies for chocolate tasting wedding favorsPin

First, wash your hands. Next, start by cutting up all your chocolates…

cutting chocolate barsPin

…make sure to keep your flavors separate. Using a large serrated knife works best for cutting chocolate.

cutting more chocolatePin

chocolate tasting flavorsPin

Figure out what chocolate you want your guests to taste first… second and third. Usually lightest in color like white or milk to the darkest in color like my 85% dark chocolate. Pick your favorites.

filling chocolate tasting jarsPin

With your first cup, gently push it all the way to the bottom of the jar. Then insert the appropriate chocolate.

filling chocolate tasting jar favorsPin

Keep doing the same with each layer. Making sure you are adding them gently.

mini-jar wedding favorsPin

I chose to put the lighter cupcake liner in between the two darker colors purely for looks, it had nothing to do with the type of chocolate that was to be tasted.

chocolate tasting wedding favorsPin

When you have all three chocolate inside, close up the jar. The glass jar works so perfectly for chocolate tasting since the glass will keep the chocolate nice and fresh.

chocolate tasting labelsPin

Next is applying your labels. You can download this layout that I created {here}. The labels are from Paper-Source, they are the 1.25″ round address labels – 48 come on one sheet. If you download my template all you have to do is put the labels in your printer and hit print. But you could also create your own!

applying personalized labelsPin

chocolate tasting labelPin

That’s it! Pretty easy… but so darn cute!

DIY chocolate tasting wedding favorsPin

{DIY credits} as always photography by Studio 11 and DIY by Jen | Something Turquoise