June 19, 2013

“Robbyn and Blake were married  at the Cliffs Resort on beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake. It was a truly awesome experience for me to photograph my sister’s wedding, surrounded by all the most important people in their lives – at one of the most beautiful venues in Texas.  The only thing missing was the 100 degree Texas weather! But the cool weather added to the vintage feel of the wedding as all the girls wrapped themselves in vintage furs for the ceremony. I not only served as the photographer but also as Blake’s best man. I had a busy weekend but it was sure worth it.  Thanks to Heather Sanderson for helping me shoot this amazing event. She truly did an outstanding job and allowed me to put my camera down to help the couple celebrate. Congrats Robbyn and Blake!” – Derrick Tribbey Photography

ST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0001.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0003.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0004.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0002.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0005.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0006.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0007.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0008.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0009.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0010.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0011.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0012.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0013.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0016.jpgPinST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0014.jpgPinJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I love the look on Blake’s face below… he’s just seen his gorgeous bride for the first time and he clearly can’t take his eyes off her… so romantic.


“Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! Marrying my best friend at the most beautiful venue in Texas and having our friends and family all in one place made our day so special. What made our day even more memorable was the crazy Texas weather! A week before, it was 90 degrees. On our wedding day, the temperature never made it over 45 degrees! The weather may have been completely unexpected but it sure did add to the vintage theme of the wedding! Fur would have been a little warm for normal October weather in Texas!


..Almost everything at the wedding was DIY. From the large wooden door backdrops to the homemade jelly wedding favors! We also made all the wooden signs, decorated over 150 mason jars with my great-grandmothers lace and buttons, and even homemade many of the sweets for the grooms table. After scorching my fingers multiple times with the hot glue gun and tying over 500 pieces of ribbon, I was beginning to think we were nuts for even attempting all these projects. In the end however, everything turned out just the way we wanted and we were so proud of our DIY decor!


..Old – my grandmothers family ring; New – my wedding jewelry given to me on my wedding day by my father; Blue – my shoes and garter; Borrowed – a little extra cleavage loaned to me by a friend (ha-ha)!


..Enjoy every minute of the crazy planning process! Don’t stress. Ask for help. Give your groom-to-be projects… just in case you didn’t know, men are actually very good at tying extremely “dainty” bows! And most of all, take pictures of everything! You never know where they might end up!” Robbyn, the bride

May 29, 2013

“Luke and Ashley were married on September 15, 2012 at a lovely, quaint, wooden chapel in the Hamptons. The sky was a perfect blue and the slight breeze from the sandy beach filled the air. The couple ventured into the heart of the Hamptons and posed for photos under one of the village’s windmills. The reception took place at the historic Conklin House (which so happens to be Ashley’s great aunt’s home) in the large hedged-in back yard complete with a swimming pool and long tables decorated with vintage china, old silverware, french bread, and fruit bowls. The newly married couple served their guests a fabulous brunch. With dancing until mid afternoon and a finale with a stroll on the beach with the large bridal party, this event was nothing short of romantic and refreshing.” – Tirzah Photography

ST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0001.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0002.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0003.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0004.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0005.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0006.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0007.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0008.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0024.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0039.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0009.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0010.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0012.jpgPinST_Tirzah_Photography_hamptons_wedding_0011.jpgPinJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

The bride actually DIY-ed this amazing veil herself!!! Read her fabulous feedback below for the details. AMAZING job Ashley… it looks stunning!


“The ceremony was my favorite. I loved the anticipation, the 100 yard march from my cottage to the church, my sister and best friend in tow, the nervous beaming smiles, the warmth of prayer from all my bridesmaids and family. Our huge bridal party; in their fluttery pink and stately navy, the huge flock I called my nearest and dearest  (I had a moment of “Did I make a mistake, this is so over the top”) the bridal party was a mile long and 4 wide like a train coming into the back of the church…. then I realized, NO, I’m sooo glad I choose this; these are the people Luke and I love the most. My dads face at the end of the isle waiting for my entrance, the shaking and weeping I could barely walk, my journey down the isle towards a circle of pink dresses & Luke’s silhouette getting clearer and less fuzzy as I got closer… the smell of the church, the weight of my gown, the tears in my moms eyes…


..We made vanilla extract with raw beans and vodka 6 months before the wedding. It was an extremely messy and frustrating project. My sister, my mom and I were all at each others throats covered in black extract and vanilla seeds by the time we finished! But it was delicious and everyone is still raving about them and asking for more!

I fell in love with a $200 angel over your face and head style veil with rhinestones in the fabric… so we made our own with $30 of fabric and $6 of little white glass stones, plus some bobby pins. We simply just cut the fabric in a half circle at the back and pinned it togther the night before the wedding.. easy! Three hours! Mom and my sister, and Molly, helped me ~ it was longer and in my opinion much better!

For the china, I spent a good 8 months scouring thrift, consignment, yard sales, estate sales and antique shops for 150 place settings. I had a few rules to keep me under control, and a lot of doubters to fend off… but I actually really enjoyed this project! I only spent up to 2$ on a dish and kept the patterns to florals or dishes with gold or silver trimmings… I gave them away as gifts in mitch-match sets to my bridesmaids and family following the wedding. I collected dinner, appetizer, and cake dishes, silver for each setting and small glass monkey bowls for yogurt parfaits … I also collected the silver basins and pedestals used for the floral arrangements…


..I’m not really a classical old, new, blue kind of girl but I did wear my mothers jewelry, the simple garment earrings and bracelet I had loved since I was a kid. Luke’s grandmother Gaga sent a prayer hankie covered in tears, love and prayers for me to pin under my dress, since she could be there, which I wrapped my bouquet in instead…


..Let go, just let go… trust the most creative people in your life, and communicate your desires well and then let the details go…

For me this was my sister, Molly, co-owner of The Stem – Kansas City. She runs a small business but packs a big punch. She could work with anything and make it beautiful! Her and my mother double teamed and pulled off a wonderful, memorable, beautiful day. It took me a while to let go of everything and trust them in their creativity and ability to build what I was imagining. On the day of the wedding I was blown away, it was far from the picture in my head, but it had all the things I’d hoped for and more, all the details were sorted out and even the one little disaster I ended up loving: I wanted white single layer cakes on pedestals with lush fresh flowers on the center or side of each cake. The cakes arrived in techni-color from the well meaning scrumptious Italian bakery who definitely had skimmed the details… At least they tasted delicious! And everything else was so beautiful who cared! It was kind of funny to me ..

And… save room in your budget for a great photographer! :)


photography:  Tirzah Photography // ceremony: St Thomas Episcapal Church // dress: Bridal Extraordinare // reception: Historic Conklin House // Floral Designer: The Stem // tux and men’s attire: J.Crew // cinema: Adam Hanly Photo/Video // Caterer: DG Catering // Bakery: Frank and Son Bakery

May 15, 2013

“Anne and Justin traveled from Arlington, Virginia to have a destination wedding at the beautiful Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina. Their wedding was coordinated by Chelsye Harp with Intrigue Design and Events, and was beautifully arranged down to every last detail. Anne included family heirlooms and as a special touch by using a sleeve from her mothers wedding dress to wrap around her flowers. We loved the details of the sweetheart couch and personalized hot chocolate cups. Shannon was their photographer and she did a wonderful job capturing their romantic and elegant wedding… Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ellery!” -Riverland Studios


“WOW, now that is a tough question! :) I have so many amazing memories from our special day, but the moment that I first saw Justin my heart just melted! He was so handsome, and seeing his smiling face put me instantly at ease…


..I used the sleeve of my mothers wedding dress as the wrap for my bouquet for my “something old”.  My dress represented my “something new,” and underneath my sash was the word “love” embroidered in blue.


…We had a lot of DIY elements in our wedding, but the most memorable undertaking was the lace wrapped mason jars. My girlfriend Lexi and I used Mod Podge (love that stuff) to affix lace to the mason jars, and then spray painted the tops gold. I think they turned out lovely, but it took SO much longer than we expected!!! Which reminds me, I need to take her out for a glass of wine! :)


…Try to not get caught up in all of little things that need to be done on the week of your big day. Set a day that you are going to stop working on your list, and stick to it! I know, that’s easier said than done! But if you can manage to step back and acknowledge all that you were able to accomplish, you can actually enjoy that special time with your friends and loved ones! After all, at the end of the day, what really matters is that you marry your sweetheart!” – Anne, the bride


Photography: Riverland Studios // Event Planner: Intrigue Design & Events // Dress: Robert Bullock – Birnbaum and Bullock // Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas // Floral: Violet Charleston // Musicians: Classical Charleston // Reception & Location Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation // Wedding Cake: D’lish Cakes  // Favors: Chocolate Chocolate // DJ: Creative Sound Weddings // Makeup: Moore Makeup // Transportation: Absolutely Charleston

May 8, 2013

“To sum up this wedding in one word: fun! Kristin and John wanted an amazing celebration and a major party with their family and friends, and that’s exactly what was achieved. The always-fabulous Paradise Cove was the backdrop for this occassion but instead of the overly-obvious beach theme, this pair decided to go with a more DIY/rustic style, which ended up blending flawlessly with the tropical venue.” – At Last Wedding + Event Design


“There are so many! For us, the day was all about having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously. Our ceremony really set that tone. My long-time friend Melisa Vis, read an excerpt from a “contemporary poet” - rapper 50 Cent. When it was time for our vows, our officiant, Brian Banks, asked my husband John to repeat after him { “Brian: “I, John, take you Kristin. “John: “I, John, take you Kristin.” Brian: “To be my best friend and wife.” John: “To be my best wife.” } I wasn’t aware that my soon-to-be husband had multiple wives at the time (hahaha!) but either way, I was happy to know that I was the best one. I hope to live up to that title…


…Yes! By the week of our wedding, I had developed a phobia of glue guns, picture frames and crafts in general. Although it was stressful to make things yourself at times, I also really enjoyed the hands-on creativity and the personalization of it. There is something really special about looking around at your wedding and seeing ideas come together that were once just in your head. A few of my favorite DIY projects were:

- Painted wine bottles for the table numbers, crafted by Jennifer Malave.

- Picture frames with greeting cards/love letters displayed inside that John and I had given each other over the years.

- Embroidered handkerchiefs with each of my bridesmaids’ names on them, which they carried down the aisle.

- Seating cards held together by a clothes pin, which we had spray painted a deep brown color with gold speckles.

- A bird cage for our wedding cards.

- A prop station where guests could grab silly props (like a viking helmet or boxer’s gloves) and pose with them to take their own photos. We advertised the prop station with a handmade chalkboard sign that read, “Grab a prop and strike a pose.”


…My something old: A vintage ring that had belonged to my great grandmother (who really was great), Emmy. My something new: My wedding dress, a Casablanca 1975, which had a low-back and was made from beaded lace appliqué. I love the dress and am determined to find another reason to wear it. My something borrowed: Pearl earrings and a beautiful matching pearl hair comb, courtesy of my lovely sister, Kate Lewis. I guess the fact that it was a “something borrowed” means that I should probably return it to her now that the wedding is over, huh? Sorry, Kate. My something blue: A Miami Dolphin’s garter.


…My advice to brides during the wedding planning process would be the same as my advice for life in general: Remember that it’s not all about you, don’t take things too seriously and take a moment to step back and take it all in. And – above all else – don’t let your husband use the hot glue gun! Haha! – Kristin, the bride


wedding coordinator: At Last Wedding + Event Design // venue: Paradise Cove // caterer: Puff n Stuff Catering // photographer: Best Photography // DJ: Junction 88 Productions // officiant: Brian Banks with Summit Church // flowers: The Flower Studio // cake: Sprinkles Custom Cakes // hair+ makeup: Darla Stafford  // rolls royce rental: VIP Transportation Group

May 6, 2013

“Playful spring accents are seen in glittered fabrics, floral arrangements, and invitations. Notes of gold, black and pink were implemented in the tablescapes, foliage and backdrops. Vintage metal goblets, gilded chargers, velvet damask prints and modern graphic dinnerware add a timeless sentiment in a crisp environment. For a bit of fun, photo booth vignettes were fashioned with gold glitter tapestries. The bride was adorned in a flowing Oscar de la Renta gown, complete with a crystal belt and Ivory Louboutins. The flower girl twirled-about in a layered blush dress and fresh bloom headband…


…The River Market Event Place is a contemporary venue offering rich wood, concrete floors and metal accents which give way to clean lines and an overall fresh feeling. We wanted to utilize the modern architectural qualities of the venue by emerging the progressive space with classic pieces of times-past. We hoped to portray how the space could be manipulated to illustrate glamorous modern spring.” – Cassandra Castaneda Photography


photography:  Cassandra Castaneda Photography // bakery: 3 Women and an Oven, Inc. // cake: Cake Girl // flowers: emmy-ray // invitations: Hammerpress // dress store: Nolte’s Bridal // event designer: rak’designs // venue: River Market Event Place // rentals: Ultrapom Event Rental