March 27, 2014

Garden weddings are a trend that will never disappear! This bouquet is a modern twist on the traditional hand tied bouquet since it’s designed in a crescent shape. These wild flowers were selected in a variety of tones and textures to embody the garden feel. Hanging amaranthus is one of my favorite flowers, so are orchids and dahlia’s – so when I saw this bouquet Jacki literally had to scrape my jaw off the floor… I’m beyond obsessed and I’m so glad I finally get to share it with you today!


AVAILABILITY // Most of these flowers are available year round except the bouvardia which is available only in late winter early spring. The bouvardia can be substituted with wax flower for a similar look. 


RECIPE // 6 stems light pink stock, 1 bunch pink bouvardia, 5 cymbidium orchid blooms, 6 stems of dahlia in white and pink, 1/4 bunch of clover, 1/4 bunch pepper berries, 1/2 bunch burgundy hanging amaranthus, 2 stems black berries and a small amount of ribbon. 


CARE // Dahlias can be very fragile and it’s best to touch them sparingly. They can also wilt quickly in high heat making it best to keep them in water as long as possible. A mist of water over the bouquet will help to keep the orchids fresh as well as the foliage. 


BOUTONNIERES // From modern to traditional, this bouquet can be paired with many different bout options! From left to right; a masculine boutonniere made from hanging amaranthus (which we are obsessed with), a modern mix of foliage and the center of the cymbidium orchid, a traditional cymbidium orchid accented with berries, a simple clover boutonniere, and finally a modern orchid petal and clover boutonniere.


Amazing Photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // Gorgeous Florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // Styling by: Jen | Something Turquoise

January 16, 2014

Babies breath bouquets have been quite the rage lately… so we figured we’d embrace this new trend! Aside from babies breath being incredibly inexpensive, it’s a flower that has a wide range of options. This bouquet pairs various small and delicate feeling blooms with that trending bud for a more elaborate looking bunch. We’ve wrapped the stem with soft burlap ribbon to add a rustic feel to this beautiful bouquet that is perfect for any season…


AVAILABILITY // All the flowers in this bouquet can easily be sourced year round! Meaning no matter winter or the middle of summer – you can have this look. Stock comes in a variety of pale colors which could bring a completely different feel to this bouquet; pale peach, pale yellow, pale pink, and lavender.


RECIPE // 6 stems of stock, 1/4 bunch of million star babies breath, 5 stems of button mums, and 18 blooms of stephanotis with pearl pins in the center


CARE // Overall this bouquet is water sensitive. Stock can be delicate so it’s best to keep this bouquet in a small amount of water until the wedding begins. It’s also best if it can be placed in a decorative jar of water at the reception. Stephanotis can be a difficult flower to use and is best used with a special water source called a stephanotis stem (can be purchased at a local flower shop). It’s actually best to leave the stephanotis in a cooler until the morning of the wedding and then place it in the bouquet. 


BOUTONNIERES // Each of these boutonnieres are simple and elegant for a no-fuss look that perfectly matches the bouquet. Notice that stock was not used in any of them because of it’s water sensitivity. Babies breath and button mums are perfect flowers for boutonnieres, wrap with a little burlap ribbon held in place with flower pins and they are ready to go!


amazing photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // gorgeous florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // styling by: Jen | Something Turquoise

January 2, 2014

“Nestled between Lake Michigan on one side, and Lower Herring Lake on the other, The Watervale Inn truly is a gorgeous venue for a wedding. It is also a place that has been special to Alex’s side of the family for many years. I had always heard how gorgeous northern Michigan is, but I’d never been; it does not disappoint. The woods and lakes surrounding this quaint bed and breakfast, make for incredible photographic opportunities. Abby had the most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever seen, and all the details fit perfectly with the rustic vibe of Watervale. The tall trees, the sand dunes, the cottages; all of it so unique to Watervale, and in turn, helped make Abby & Alex’s day so special and unique. I was so thrilled to be a part of this one.” -Ben Elsass Photography


” It’s so difficult to choose, but my favorite part of the weekend was reading each other our vows. We wrote our own and kept them secret from each other – this was a big deal because we’re both pretty bad at keeping secrets! I’m known to be a cry baby but my husband was actually the one who became so emotional that he struggled to get through his vows. It was such a special moment and a great reminder of what a wedding is really about – celebrating your love in front of the most important people in your life…


..I actually didn’t DIY anything. I’m literally the opposite of a crafty person, but I did have a handmade vision so Etsy was definitely my best friend! So lots of handmade items – but not by me! 


..Don’t lose sight of what the day is about! I got caught up in the details a bit too much, trying to make sure everything was perfect. Ultimately, everything was beautiful and I’m glad I put the work in and found the vendors I did, but I definitely made myself a bit crazy. Just remember that what everyone (and you) will remember most about your wedding is the love, laughs and fun times.” – Abby, the bride


photography: Ben Elsass Photography // second shooter: Melissa of Lux Light Photography // dress: Demetrios // bridesmaid dresses: Amsale // DJ: Harbor View Entertainment // strings: Jasper Snow // hair stylist: Pam Tayer of The Styling Company // flowers: Victorias Floral Design, Inc. // invitations: VO Handmade // venue: Watervale Inn // men’s attire: Ted Baker // calligrapher: Stacey Shapiro // Officiant – The Reverend Dr. Ned Edwards // chalkboards: Shugabee Lane // signs + card holder: Sweet Carolina Collective // ties: Tie Obsessed // birch table number holders: The Vermont Branch Company // ring bearer pillows: Platinum Bridal

December 9, 2013

Today we are sharing a super fun, modern and metallic twist on a winter wedding bouquet! The bold handle (made of spray painted leaves) makes a huge statement while the touches of gold succulents are a whimsical feel that brings in glamour! Jacki from Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne has done it again! We are in love, aren’t you!?!


AVAILABILITY // Guess what!!! This bouquet can be created year round ~ hooraay!!! A different feel can be achieved by switching the colors of the hydrangea and roses. Pink hydrangea and orange roses would be a fun spring look while blue and lavender would be a more jewel tone fall look. There are so many different options for this bouquet… don’t forget that metallic silver can be a replacement for the gold!


RECIPE // 4 stems ‘mini-green’ hydrangea + 1/4 bunch Queen Anne’s lace + 4 stems white hydrangea + 10 peach roses + handful of various sized succulents and Hala leaves painted metallic gold


CARE // Hydrangea is very water sensitive especially during hot summer months. It is definitely best kept in a small amount of water until ready to be used. Another option would be to create this bouquet in a bouquet holder and keep in a cooler. 


BOUTONNIERES // From traditional to modern there are many options to coordinate with this bouquet. Shown on the left is a small modern boutonniere created from a painted succulent, berries and looped grass. For a more traditional boutonniere, a rose can be accented with wire on the stem to bring in the metallic feel without being overpowering. 


amazing photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // gorgeous florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // styling by: Jen | Something Turquoise

November 5, 2013

We are obsessed with today’s Bouquet Blueprint!!! Jacki from Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne has outdone herself once again! Fall has so many wonderful options for flowers and color choices. Today’s bunch is fully embracing that cozy fall feeling… this bouquet has a traditional fall color palette with a few pops of brighter tones. It has a very round shape with depth created by the slight height difference of the scabiosa and the dahlias. The stems are wrapped with burlap ribbon and an heirloom bracelet has been added for a little extra bling with a sentimental touch!


AVAILABILITY // This bouquet is best for a fall wedding. Each of the flowers has a different season but all are available late summer till the end of fall. 


RECIPE // 3 stems copper button mums, 15 stems scabiosa, 18 stems dahlias (plus small buds), 10 stems coxcomb, and 10-12 geranium leaves


STEM WRAP // The bouquet stems are covered in a burlap ribbon accented with pins along the frayed edge of the ribbon. A vintage bracelet has been attached to the bouquet adding a touch of glamor and incorporation a family heirloom. 


CARE // Dahlias are a delicate flower so it is best not to over handle this bouquet. This bouquet will also benefit greatly if it is kept in a small amount of water until the wedding begins. If a few of the dahlia petals start to bruise they can be delicately plucked from the flower giving it an instant fix. 


BOUTONNIERES // This bouquet has so much texture it’s almost a must to have a boutonniere with just as much texture! Dahlias are a tricky option for boutonnieres however they can work as long as the recipient is careful and it’s put on just prior to the wedding starting. Be sure to select the best size for the jacket. Another fun option would be to incorporate a bit of glamor. Shown on the far right is a coxcomb boutonniere accented with a vintage clip on earring.


amazing photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // gorgeous florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // styling by: Jen | Something Turquoise

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