April 12, 2014

Hooorayyy… for the weekend! I hope you all have fabulous wedding planning plans… I’m finishing up a super secret project that I can’t wait to share with you! Isn’t this picture adorable!?! Thanks for making ST a part of your weekend read! xoxo, Jen


image courtesy of: Captured by Corrin

diy wedding ideas

This past week we have had the pleasure of featuring so many awesome posts!!! We shared two beautifully DIY-ed weddings, a darling DIY engagement party and engagement shoot, a simple DIY tutorial for hand stamping your wedding details, and last but not least, the swoon-worthy DIY tutorial for making your own ‘wedding vow notebooks’!!! You can easily find all these posts by clicking on each of the images below! 


April 8, 2014

“A picnic basket, giant balloons, and cute cheese platters! I knew as soon as I met Kym and Rey that their engagement and wedding was going to be special. Their DIY style was the perfect mix of vintage meets elegant. We hiked through a West Coast rainforest and finished off with a sunset picnic complete with champagne overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was such a privilege to be a part of their story and to create friendships with such amazing people.” – Whitney Lane Photography


“We were so lucky to have found Whitney and Kel from Whitney Lane Photography while browsing the internet for Vancouver wedding photographers. I was initially drawn to the pictures I came across of their travels throughout Europe and then I saw their wedding photography and was even more blown away! When we met Whitney and Kel for the first time, we felt like we had known them forever. They made us feel comfortable right from the start and I knew immediately that they was the ones for us. :) We could not have made a better choice for such an important decision…


..Planning our wedding definitely brought out a lot of creativity in me that I never new I had! Most of the décor elements in our wedding were DIY projects made by yours truly! One of my favorite DIY projects was made from an old set of drawers that I found at a thrift store which I cleaned, painted and used as cookie and drink trays. Welcome bags were made for each of our guests containing a jar of our favorite peach jam along with a map to the local wineries and other survival goodies for the weekend. I also made several chalkboards out of vintage frames that we used for our menu and various other signage. An old window served as our seating chart and local peaches were placed on each dinner plate with the guest name attached. 


..Rey and I were married in Naramata, BC which is a very special place for us. Of all the wedding plans, what we looked forward to the most was having our closest family and friends tall together in such a special place for such an amazing weekend. Friends and family flew from all over the world to be with us on our wedding weekend. The weekend was filled with wine tours, bike rides, swimming and of course one extremely eventful and fun wedding! It was truly amazing to see so many people we love so much be all together to witness our first day as husband and wife.

Looking forward or looking back, our hearts are completely FULL of gratitude. We are so thankful for all the special people in our lives which now include our photographers Whitney and Kel :)” – Kim, the bride

April 5, 2014

It’s been such a lovely and sparkly week here at ST… don’t you agree!?! I have some fun news to share, we just hired a social media intern and her name is Maddie!!! She took over our Instagram last week… and did a wonderful job ~ make sure to check it out and show her some love! Cheers to a wonderful weekend, thanks for stopping by! xoxo


image courtesy of: Andi Diamond Photography

diy wedding ideas

This past week we have had the pleasure of featuring so many awesome posts!!! We shared two beautiful DIY weddings, a darling DIY bridal shower, an Etsy inspiration board for the Art Deco bride + groom, a stunning engagement of an actual wedding planner, and last but not least, the sparkly tutorial for making glitter wine stopper favors! You can easily find all these posts by clicking on each of the images below! 


April 3, 2014

“Everything came together beautifully for Brenda and Kasey’s engagement session. Their choice of outfits, sweet props, and glowing light created the perfect back drop to showcase their love. As a wedding coordinator, Brenda knows how to envision the perfect event and will have tons of great DIY details to personalize their day. They are some of the sweetest and easy going people, and we are honored to photograph their wedding this fall!” – Walking Eagle Photography


“Well, I am a Wedding & Event Director/ Coordinator in Carlsbad and through-out the 7 years of experience I have worked with MANY photographers and vendors, and it wasn’t until I met Laura and Clay from Walking Eagle Photography – that I fell in love with any photographer or photo. I have done many weddings and events with the two of them and each time we work together they are always calm, passionate and focused. They are so sweet, reasonable and most importantly talented. I can’t say enough, and my pictures speak lengths of their work, I’ve even had people message me on Facebook and email asking me about my engagement photos because they are so unique and impressive…


..OH YES! haha!

Well, like I said I am a wedding coordinator and I have coordinated weddings of all shapes and sizes. So with that said I know how important and special it is to customize and embellish your wedding with the brides and grooms hobbies, interests and personality. My fiancé is a landscaper and LOVES plants and designing with plants, so we will have a lot of plant walls, potted succulent gifts and plants incorporated through-out our florals. We are also getting crafty and making our agenda on used pallets, creating mixed linen backdrops, and the list could really go on. Something near and dear to our heart is the Chile infused tequila we are making for our specialty drink. We fell in-love with “Chili-Margs” over a year ago and it’s our go to when we are looking to enjoy a sunset drink or meet with some friends, so we have been practicing infusing our own tequila with various chilies and flavors and hopefully we master this in time for the wedding!


..Our wedding will be held at Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad California. The location is a perfect mix of beauty, rustic and calm. Our setting will be heavy floral and plants (at my fiancé’s request), with gold and blush touches, and we have 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen (yikes!). With all of the love, beauty and support around us I can’t wait to see my fiancé for the first time at a special and private first look, I can’t wait to exchange our personal vows, toast with a margarita and share our love under the summer stars with our closest family and friends!” – Brenda, the bride-to-be

March 20, 2014

Today I am so excited to share this beautiful, nautical styled engagement shoot from Carmen Ash Photography. The groom happens to be the Captain of the gorgeous yacht you will see below, so Charlie and Chrissy took full advantage and incorporated it into their session. Those of you who have been reading ST for a while, know that I cannot resist a seaside event and this seafaring couple and their adventurous spirits had me at hello! 

SomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0001.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0002.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0005.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0004.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0007.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0013.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0008.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0006.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0009.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0010.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0012.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0014.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0015.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0021.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0016.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0017.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0022.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0018.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0019.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0020.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0023.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0024.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0025.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0026.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0027.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0028.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0029.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0030.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0031.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0032.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0033.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0034.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0035.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0036.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0037.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0038.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0039.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0040.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0041.jpgPinSomethingTurquoise_Carmen_ Ash_Photography_Nautical_engagement_0042.jpgPinST_how_did_you_find_your_photographer_

“After announcing the exciting news of our engagement, the first question we were asked was of course: Have you set a date? The next question that repeatedly followed was: Who is your photographer? We had numerous people recommend Carmen Ash, all of whom spoke very highly of her work. After clicking through the first album on her website, we knew we had to have her! Aside from a brief meeting with Carmen, our first opportunity to really get to know her was the day of our engagement shoot. Both Charlie and I quickly felt as though we had been friends with Carmen for a long time. As you can see from the images she captured, we had such a fun, exciting, and memorable day! We now join the many others who speak so fondly of Carmen Ash and feel very lucky to have her as our photographer for our special day.


..Yes! I LOVE arts & crafts and DIY-ing so I do have big plans on incorporating that into our wedding day. However, when I began jotting down a million DIY project ideas onto numerous sticky notes, the month of June seemed so far away! With the countdown to our big day fast approaching, I am sure I will narrow down my DIY projects and get started on that any day now … :)


..I am beyond excited for family, friends, and all of those we love most, to be gathering together for what will soon be the happiest day of our lives! I am so thrilled for many of our family members and friends, traveling from all over, to finally get a chance to meet one another and enjoy each other’s company. Blessed is how I feel when thinking of all those who will be joining us in celebration to start off our lifetime of happiness together!!!”
- Chrissy, the bride-to-be


photography: Carmen Ash Photography // event design + planning: Gigi Noelle Events // rentals: EventWorks // nautical cupcakes: Cravinleys

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