October 22, 2013

We are in love with chevron… along with everyone else, so we figured we’d share some super cute chevron wedding details that we found on Etsy! That’s right, all of the images below are from current Etsy listings… click the links below for more information!

ST_ETSY_peach_chevron_weddingPinetsy seller credits

chevron wedding favor bags: Be Collective // blush chevron wedding save the date invitation: Lucky Penny Paperie // knitted sheer lace chevon bridesmaid wrap: BV Life Style // peach and grey stripe and chevron paper straws: Creative Juice Cafe // Mr & Mrs chevron reception chair sign: LiddaBits

August 12, 2013

“We were inspired the wild, natural elements of this lakeside location as well as slow summer afternoons—the heat, sun-washed shorelines and our favorite sweet summer treat, the Georgia peach. For this save the date shoot, we created a look that was airy and free. Our couple, Rhain and Zack, who tied the knot (again!) at The Not Wedding in Nashville on July 18, matched that vibe perfectly!


We love the lightness of Rhain’s sheer maxi dress and the laid-back look of her waves and boho braid, which paired perfectly with a handmade floral crown. We also took inspiration from the lakeside location, which has everything from rocky shorelines to wooded trails and fields of wildflowers. It’s the ideal spot to sprawl out on a hammock overlooking the water or to steal some kisses on a hidden trail. The pretty peaches throughout the shoot are from The Peach Truck, which hauls peaches from Georgia to Nashville all summer long. The faded watercolor vibe of the save the date letter press by Four Hats Press reminded us of gorgeous summer sunsets—so irresistible!” - Elizabeth from Stockroom Vintage


The NotWedding is Something Turquoise’s favorite bridal show! Complete with dinner and drinks, an emotional ceremony and a dance-party reception, it has become a killer alternative to a bridal show. The hand-selected vendors perform their services as they would at a real wedding, and the “wedding guests” get to hear the music, taste the cakes, and smell the flowers… while enjoying a night of great food, dancing and surprises, leaving brides-to-be saying “I want my wedding to be just like that!”. The NotWedding has four amazing shows left for this year ~ click the image below to find out more and to buy tickets today!


Photography | Christine Kaufman | [declare} photography

Stationary | Save the Date Letter Press | Cory Bordonaro | Four Hats Press

Styling & Props | Elizabeth Ulrich | Stockroom Vintage

Hair & Makeup | Mandy Nixx | Makeup by MandyNixx

Flower Bouquet | Sarah Goude & Shelby | Regalo Design

Jewelry | Christina Kober | Christina Kober Designs

Peaches | The Peach Truck

Location | Bryant Grove at Percy Priest Lake, Nashville, TN

July 16, 2013

“Michael and I met in college while working at Trader Joe’s. We hit it off instantly becoming great friends but eventually we found ourselves single and decided to jump into an amorous relationship that’s lasted 9+ years. So it was no coincidence that his proposal took place at Trader Joes, where we first met. We married outside on a private estate in San Jose, Ca. We wanted a place that felt like home and more intimate than most wedding venues feel. Our theme was a “a joining of two cultures” since Michael is African American and Im Mexican American. We had Mexican and African American traditions such as jumping the broom and a mariachi band which actually played as we landed our jump. Both were one of our favorite and cherished moments.” – Erica, the bride

vintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinvintage summer wedding inspirationPinST_favorite_wedding_day_memory

“Wow! It’s so hard to pick just one but it had to be walking back up the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife. We were so happy and overjoyed we hugged each other tight and shared a few happy tears!


..our wedding was full of DIYs! The program fans, all signs, escort cards, candy favors, cookie favors….uhhhh I think I had too many DIYs. If I had to do it again I would’ve had the escort cards professionally made, I ran out of time and ran into a few problems with the printer (typical)! My advice is to have your friends and family help. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.


..keep calm and carry on. The end is near and it’s going to be the happiest day of your life! So don’t worry all the work and money – is worth it in the end.” Erica, the bride


photography: Chloe Jackman Photography // venue: Bella Montagna, San Jose CA // dress: Enzo Anglioni // grooms suit: Burberry // invitations: Pistachio Press // florals: The Card Mart // cake: Margarets French Bakery

July 5, 2013

I cannot believe that exactly two years ago today I posted our very first DIY here on SomethingTurquoise.com… and today we are celebrating our 100th DIY tutorial!!!! So today’s project is a little special… me and the hub’s got all dressed up to inspire you to create a fun ‘Just Married Tin Can Garland’ for your bike or car – just like the old days!



  • tin cans
  • hammer and nail
  • ribbon and tulle
  • Martha Stewart Craft Paint and brush
  • cardstock and double sided tape
  • free ‘Just Married’ print below


You can paint your cans or leave them ‘au naturel’… it’s totally up to you. We are painting these cans here in an ombre…


The Easy Ombre: Paint your first can with the original paint color – this will be your darkest shade. **The cans are drying on a sheet of painters easel paper, you can also use wax paper – don’t use regular paper or it will stick badly!!!!


For the next shade lighter, simply add a little white paint to the original color. Make sure you have enough paint for two cans – you will be adding more paint to lighten this exact batch.


Then, add a little more white paint to the second batch of paint. Depending on the shade of paint, you might need two coats of paint per can. Let them dry at least an hour in between each coat and store your mixed paint in a ziplock baggie so you don’t have to re-mix.


Ombre all your choice of colors!


Then simply poke holes in the tops of each can with a hammer and nail!


///////// HOW TO MAKE A TULLE POM POM /////////

Wrap craft tulle around spread fingers about 10 times. Carefully slide the wrap off your fingers and with a separate 12″ piece of cut tulle, tie a firm not in the middle of the wrap.


Slide your scissors into one end of the wrap and cut – do both sides and fluff! So simple! Leave the ends of the tied piece long so that we can use them later. Make six tulle poms.


Next, cut three strands of ribbon each 5 feet long. Tie a large knot at the end of one piece of ribbon and slide it through the tin can hole! **If your ribbon knot is smaller than the hole in the tin can, the can will slide right off!


About 6″ down the ribbon, using the long ends of the tulle pom – tie on one pom.


Then, taking into consideration the space for the can, tie another large knot onto the ribbon. Thread the next can onto the ribbon… add another pom… and repeat!


Do this for each strand of the garland. Make as many strands as your heart desires!


///////// JUST MARRIED PRINT //////////

Download and print the FREE ‘Just Married’ sign above onto 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock.


Cut out the design, and matte it onto your desired color of cardstock – and repeat!


You could even put this little print in a lightweight frame and put it on your bike or car!


Tie all your yummy tin can strands onto your bike or car – add the sign and a ribbon bow…


…and ride off into the sunset with style and a fancy new last name!


It’s amazing what can happen in two years… it’s literally my dream come true to be able to regularly share these projects with you and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity!!! xoxo


As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please share using the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!


Photography: Studio 11 Weddings // DIY tutorial and FREE download by: Jen | Something Turquoise // styling: B.Hart of The Fashion Drug // Martha Stewart Craft Paints in Wedding Cake, Hailstorm, Wild Salmon and Raspberry Ice (all Satin finish), brush, little paint dish, gray ribbon, white tulle and cardstock: Michaels // bike rental: Jax Bicycle Center of Huntington Beach // wedding dress (which unfortunately isn’t available any more): Nordstrom // tin cans: we ate lots of tomato sauce and olives to bring you this project! // nail polish: OPI Up Front & Personal // last image credit: my Dad

May 28, 2013

“The more that I strive to be a good wedding photographer, the more I fall in love with what marriage is all about. Two people committing to one another AND the family and friends that stand behind that commitment! Wow! It’s so amazing that I get to stand behind all of our clients and say that I truly believe in what you are doing. I believe in your marriage, your long life together, your hope for a solid and committed future!

With all that said, I wanted to introduce my sister’s Bridal Shower. Ellie (one of our esteemed photographers) is getting married on June 28! It’s just around the corner and as the maid of honor, I wanted to do something special for her. So, I got a Pinterest board together and I went to town. Really, I went overboard. Because I see so many awesome weddings and awesome details, I decided that this was my moment to create a masterpiece. The more that the details came together, the more creative I became…


…the whole day began with a citrus inspired idea. So, I thought of all the things that we could include into a CITRUSY INSPIRED DAY! Of course I immediately began with food!  Grapefruit & Feta salads, mint lemonade, peach iced tea, fruit, lemons, limes and all the like! From there, ideas of colors came into mind! Colors that coordinated with the food (of course), lime, orange, peach, and then beautiful florals. So, from there, I made cute banners & streamers. I purchased kraft colored butcher paper for all of the banners & even for the table coverings! I used that butcher paper everywhere! After that, I thought that doilies would add a cute & feminine touch to the day, so I got clear plates and put the doilies under them. But I didn’t stop there, when I realized that I had purchased too many. Once again, I got creative. So we hung doilies everywhere ~ even from the trees!!!

I honestly wanted Ellie to have a beautiful and memorable day. Beyond all of the decor, the whole point of making a bridal shower is to create a day where the bride can drink in all of the love and support from her family and friends. We had so many wonderful people who came and showered her with gifts and praise. My favorite part about the whole day… when all was said and done, was that Ellie had been so moved. She cried most of the day and smiled the rest. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister! And I couldn’t have asked for a more deserving person to share this special day with!” Tiffani of Sun & Sparrow Photography

ST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0009.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0002.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0003.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0028PinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0008.jpgPinST_SunSparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0011.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0004.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0005.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0007.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0006.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0010.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0013.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0012.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0030Pin ST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0031PinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0021.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0023.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0022.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0032PinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0027.jpgPin


For more information on all these fabulous DIY details please visit Sun & Sparrow Photography

ST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0018.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0024.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0026.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0029PinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0025.jpgPinST_Sun&Sparrow_Photography_DIY_bridal_shower_0020.jpgPinJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

Not only do I love Ellie’s gorgeous outfit ~ but I love that her and her talented sister took the time to take beautiful portraits of her! Your bridal shower truly is one of those days that you will remember forever and what an amazing gift to have portraits like these to look back on!


“Well… my photographer Tiffani is my sister! How in the world does one find their sister? I’m stuck with her! And good thing I love her photography too ;) So that made it easy to decide on my bridal shower photographer. Tiffani and I have been doing photography together for about 5 years now and to be honest its been a thrilling ride working together, getting to know each other better as sisters and business partners, and helping each other grow as people in so many ways. I wish I could go on! But I should probably stick to the point… THAT being the beauty I saw in her preparing and photographing my shower. The effort that she put into each and every detail (which is something typical for her) was heartwarming. I knew she would put together an incredible day, and honestly she really blew me away! Not only was she photographer for the day, but she hosted everything and brought me to tears a few times. She is a really special woman to work with and a really special sister to have. All of her love showed through the effort she put in creating the images throughout the day…


..there were SO many things about my bridal shower that blew me away… the shower lasted for about 6 hours, and for just about every moment something special was happening. First, I had my makeup and hair done by the amazing Stacy Andrews who does the makeup for Tia and Tamara. She’s quite an amazing woman and artist! So after I was feeling gorgeous I put on my outfit that I planned out to match the colors of the shower. Tiffani was going for mint and peachy-coral for the color scheme, so I put on the perfect dress! My fiancé picked it out for me while we were in New Jersey… and my other details? Well I made them out of the same fabric that we used for the decor. The hair bow was my favorite!

Now all of they DIY details… well they went together perfectly! I saw them all together for the first time as I came down the stairs dressed and made up, and feeling amazing. I thought back to the craft party that Tiff put together with all my bridesmaids and some friends. It was a night of fun, tearing fabric, hot gluing, and writing out my engagement story while we ate pizza and laughed together. She got most of her crafty ideas from Pinterest and other bridal blogs, but her main idea was bringing the mint and peachy-coral together into a vintage theme. Even the cake was made by my lovely friend Lena!

But with all the crafts and cute little details surrounding me, they weren’t the thing I was most thankful for. My heart melted the moment Stacy (my Makeup Gal) gifted me an Heirloom box. The box was covered in my wedding colors and pictures of Peter and me.  opening the box, I found my first heirloom: a vintage hankie that read “Mrs Fuqua.” My tears began to well while Stacy explained that the box was meant for me to store the special treasures that I want to pass down to my children and grand children. One moment after I opened my box my Aunt stood up and started to speak. She poured out her blessings over me, reading Bible verses and sharing her love about our family and my choice to start my own. Then my grandmother passed her a ring, it was one of her rings that she bought when she first came to America. More and more Heirlooms came from my grandma’s lap; my aunt explaining the significance of each Heirloom gift as my grandma passed them to her. I couldn’t help the tears rolling down my cheeks (at my already-amazing bridal shower). My heirloom box became full of jewelry, souvenirs, and just little things that will help me pass along the story of my family to my children and grand children. Its one of those things that I will hold onto until the day I die and a story I will never forget thanks to Stacy, my Aunt & Grandma, and my lovely sister.

Still, writing this is even making me tear up. I’m one lucky girl to be blessed with so much love and joy from my family and friends that supported me there that day!


…WOW. Of all my wedding plans, it really hard to decide ONE thing that I’m most looking forward to, but honestly it’s simple. Aside from my unique aisle-less ceremony site to my crazy indoor-outdoor decor and my amazing team of photographers and videographers, the thing I’m MOST looking forward to is saying “I DO”. There is nothing I care about more on my wedding day than marrying my handsome, incredibly caring and sensitive man who has more love for God and people than I could ever ask for. The decor, the themes, the plans will all fade into history away from us, but the one thing that I’m most looking forward to remembering is my love for my soon-to-be husband. As crazy and special as weddings can be (and over emphasized, matter of fact) the thing thats most important is keeping a lasting, loving marriage. So the one thing that I would like to remember most on my over planned, pinterest-inspired, nature themed wedding… is the day that I committed my life to my one-and-only. And I CANNOT WAIT!” – Ellie, the beautiful bride-to-be


photography: Sun & Sparrow // rentals: Choura Rentals // hair and makeup: Stacy Gibson // treats and sweets: Lena L.