November 30, 2013

Happy Saturday!!! I’m sure that your holiday shopping and decorating is well underway this weekend, as is ours. We had an absolutely amazing time this past week in Cape Cod and Boston, below is a lovely picture that the hubs took… it was magical even though it was 19 degrees outside! I look forward to sharing the entire Cape Cod NotWedding with you soon! Thank you for making ST a part of your weekend read!


 image courtesy of: Mike Carreiro Photography // color inspiration: Jen | ST

diy wedding ideas

This past week we have had the pleasure of featuring two amazing DIY weddings, a darling library engagement, a simple DIY where we embellished ‘store bought’ invitations from Wedding Paper Divas, a Thanksgiving wish, and last but not least the fun technique for making your own custom Mr & Mrs wedding chair signs ~ with your favorite font! You can easily find all these posts by clicking on each of the images below! 


November 19, 2013

“As a UK wedding photographer, dark churches are often the case. So when I had the chance to spend the day eloping with the loveliest couple to a secluded beach I was over the moon! It was a simple yet heart felt ceremony followed by an afternoon of exploring coves and running from the incoming tide! With the beautiful evening sunlight, time flew by and before we knew it we dancing the night away…” – Charlene Morton Photography


“Definitely the first dance! We were so lucky that Lusty Glaze had a charity event going on that evening with music by the Claze a local Cornish band (contactable at We were sitting curled up by the fire when the singer wandered past and Charlene happened to bag us a first dance! I will never forget dancing with my new husband to an acoustic version of the Foo’s ‘times like these’ in front of a lot of people we didn’t know! It was really special and felt incredibly romantic…


..Everything for us was all about simplicity so we didn’t DIY anything at all.. apart from my hair! I hadn’t even planned anything so we ended up finding a flower clip in a shop the morning of the wedding and put my hair up together in the hotel room, about a half an hour before we left for the ceremony!


..For blue I had a garter with a blue bow which Charlene captured in one of her pics when I’m taking off my stockings to paddle in the sea! My dress and shoes were new and the vintage shrug was old from the 70′s. As no one knew about our wedding I told my Mom I was going to a black tie work event and asked if she had any pearls to go with a black dress. She ended up lending me some pearl drop earrings and a necklace which she had received for her 21st birthday. I had never even seen them before but they suited my dress perfectly and I felt like she was with me the whole time…


..I originally booked a big country house wedding and cancelled it as it got more and more large and complicated! If you like planning and you want a big fairytale wedding go for it – but it just wasn’t for me. I have never been so glad I had the nerve to change plans and we ended up having the perfect wedding for us. Therefore I suppose my only advice is to think about what you really want and go for it. Other people’s opinions won’t matter afterwards but your memories will.” – Dee, the bride


photography: Charlene Morton Photography // venue: Lusty Gaze beach, UK // dress: Debenhams, Jenny Packham // suit: Hawkes Essentials

November 8, 2013

Wearing and throwing a garter at your wedding is a time honored tradition. So today we are sharing a simple technique for making your very own, custom wedding garter! The best part is that this project can be completed in under an hour! Happy Wedding Crafting!



  • sewing machine
  • your choice of lace (lengths t.b.d.)
  • your choice of ribbon
  • thread that matches the ribbon
  • 1/2″ elastic
  • large safety pin
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • charm or button accent (optional)


/////     Finding your custom garter length     /////

Everyone is different, so follow these easy steps to find the length that your ribbon and lace should be. Start by measuring the circumference of your leg (distance around the area of your leg that you want to wear the garter), in our case it was 14″. To have the perfect amount of gathering for your garter, add your number plus + 7″. So for us that was 21″; cut your ribbon and lace to your specific number. Then for the elastic, take your first number and minus – 3″; for us that equaled 11″. This will ensure that your garter won’t fall off your leg!


Making this garter is very easy and there are only a few steps. First, is sewing the ribbon on top of your lace. Keep the stitching as straight as you can.


When your first seam is done, this is what it should look like. 


Now for the second seam. Sew the opposite edge of the ribbon to the lace.


At this point you are halfway done! Now take your cut piece of elastic and put a large safety pin on the end. Next, thread the safety pin between the ribbon and lace. Keep moving the safety pin with elastic until it’s all the way through. The elastic is shorter than the ribbon + lace so you will have to gather it up as you go. Be careful not loose the other end of your elastic!


Once you have the elastic all the way through, pin both ends so you don’t loose them.


Then with the right sides of the ribbon facing each other, sew down the side of the lace. This is the last seam of your garter. Trim the strings and the edge clean.
**Optional: do a zig zag stitch along the cut ends to finish it.


Turn your garter right side out, and you are done! In a snap you have a beautiful, custom garter for your wedding day! You can also make an extra version to throw…


If you are looking to embellish your new garter with a little something special, why not add the initial of your groom-to-be! Here I have a charm with two jump rings; open one jump ring and clasp it around the lace. Simple and cute.


This sewing technique can be used with so many different types of lace and ribbon… this version would make the perfect ‘something blue’. What color/style would fit your wedding?


Below we’ve made a shabby chic version for all you rustic brides out there. Same steps as above, except here we are adding a vintage looking button as an embellishment.
Sew it onto the ribbon just like a normal button.


There you have it; a simple technique for creating your very own wedding garter.


Huge thanks to our leg model Christin, your gams are the best! xoxo


As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!

something turquoise DIY

Photography: Studio 11 Weddings // DIY tutorial by: Jen | Something Turquoise // both lace, both ribbon, elastic, thread, vintage looking button: JoAnn’s Fabric  // lower case initial charm: Smart Parts via Etsy // wedding dress: Nordstrom // scissors: Martha Stewart Crafts // nail polish: OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques!

November 6, 2013

“I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to photograph such a gorgeous wedding in an opulent venue of Hummingbird Nest Ranch. There were a lot of beautiful and delicate moments from the beginning to the very end and I absolutely loved them. It was very surprising when the best man came to visit Julie and pass her Thinh’s special gift. With an excitement, Julie unfolded Thinh’s love letter and she broke in tears and happiness while reading it… I felt blessed and honored to capture such a lifetime moment that will be cherished and remembered for many years to come.” – The Big Affair


“Our pastor asked us to pause, take a deep breathe, and look at all the friends and family that came from all over the world to celebrate with us before he began the ceremony. That was a tear filled moment!


..We DIY-ed a big portion of our wedding. We designed and printed our own invitations and thank you cards. For the wedding, we had our talented friend Jannie Nguyen (also a full time Creative Designer for Pottery Barn) help us so I can’t take credit for how pretty it turned out. The idea was simple elegance with a rustic touch…


..My wedding dress was borrowed. My generous friend ended up gifting me the dress. It fits me like a glove and it was exactly what I had envisioned. No alterations were needed! My Dad bought me a ‘new’ diamond necklace as a surprise. I like things simple, so my Dad did a perfect job buying me something I’d absolutely love. My husband also surprised me with his late grandma’s diamond earrings (in a new setting), so I count that as my something old.  Although I couldn’t manage to fit them into my tiny ear piercings on the day of, I loved his thoughtful gift regardless. And as you can see, my heels were blue!


..I think on the day of, details don’t matter anymore. You and your husband-to-be have done so much, just savor the moments and enjoy the presence of your friends and family. Take a moment to just LOOK at what you’ve put together and the faces of the people that are there with you. Make up your mind on what matters the most and be okay to settle for something less ideal for those items that don’t matter as much (for us, it was flowers, wedding favors, cakes, programs, etc).  In the end, the wedding is only a day long but your marriage will be forever so try to be budget conscious!” – Julie, the bride  


photography: The Big Affair // venue: Hummingbird Nest Ranch, CA // decor: Jannie Nguyen // event planners: Velvet Alley Events // makeup: Makeup by Grace Chun // flowers: Decora Botanica // dessert: Cream Pan

August 9, 2013

Most likely each guest that attends your wedding will bring either a gift or a card… but where should they put the cards!? In this adorable glass jar of course! Making a super cute wedding card jar like the one below is not only easy and inexpensive but will make a great memento to have in your new home after the wedding… I’d put cookies in mine!



  • 2 gallon glass jar
  • Martha Stewart Crafts adhesive silkscreens
  • Martha Stewart Crafts glass paint
  • Martha Stewart Crafts paint roller, pouncer and stenciling tape
  • rubbing alcohol


We are going to start by measuring the distance of two lace silkscreens… we will be repeating this design twice. We want to paint a background for the lace and wording so your guests can read it clearly and this will let us know how large it should be.


Marking where the end of each silkscreen will land – this will be where we will tape off the jar to paint the background color.


Tape a giant square across the back of your jar. Go back and measure with your silkscreen to make sure that you have taped off your jar correctly. We want the lace stencils to go right up to the background color.


Make sure to clean the glass surface with rubbing alcohol before you paint.


Here we are using the ‘frost’ finish from MSC in Blue Calico. Applying the paint with a roller gives it a smooth and even look across the glass.


In between coats you can save your paint roller in a plastic baggie.


Paint as many coats as you like! With at least an hour of dry time in between each coat.


We did three coats of paint on our jar. Remove the stenciling tape as soon as you are finished with the last coat of paint.


Now it’s time to paint your first lace stencil! Line it up with your painted background and with a ruler, check to make sure it’s even on both ends from the base –  then tape to secure.


For this lace silkscreen we will use a pouncing motion, which will give a textured look to the ‘lace’ when complete. Pounce the entire design. We are using ‘mother of pearl’ in pearl finish.


Once finished painting quickly remove the silkscreen and wash it immediately.


Let that design dry for at least an hour before moving onto the next step.


With your choice of Martha Stewart Crafts silkscreen letters, cut out the word ‘Cards’.


Apply the second part of your lace silkscreen, being careful of the first coat. At the same time apply the word ‘cards’ starting in the middle with the letter ‘r’ and working out from there.


For the word we will use a swiping motion to leave the design smooth. Use the same pouncing method for the second part of the lace design.


Again, as soon as the design has been painted, remove the silkscreen and wash.


These gorgeous silkscreens give such beautiful detail with little effort!


When your jar is dry add a pretty bow… or embellishment of the like.


Your guests will be delighted to put their wedding cards in this adorable jar!


This jar will make such a great memento to keep in your home…


After your wedding it would make a great cookie jar, at least that’s what I’d use it for – what would you use it for after your wedding?!


As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!

something turquoise DIY

Photography: Studio 11 Weddings // DIY tutorial by: Jen | Something Turquoise // Martha Stewart Crafts glass paint (in Blue Calico, frost and Mother of Pearl, pearl), adhesive silkscreens (in Elegant Alphabet and Antique Lace), paint roller, pouncer and stencil tape: Editors at Martha Stewart all available at Michaels, Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, and // Anchor Hocking 2 gallon glass jar $13 : Target // nail polish: OPI – Ski teal we drop