April 18, 2014

I love the ‘something blue’ tradition… after all it’s what sparked the name ‘something turquoise’! So today I’m sharing three shiny ideas for fun and easy ‘something blue’ details using Swarovski crystals and a heat setting tool! If you are the sparkly-type of DIY bride… you will fall in LOVE with this tool ;)



  • Swarovski Elements Hotfix Crystal Tool
  • Hotfix Crystals in your choice of ‘blue’ color


There are two ways to apply these crystals… 1) As the box says – pick up the crystal with the correct size tip, once you see the glue melting place it onto your clothing item. That didn’t work well for me… so I choose: 2) layout your crystal design idea on a piece of felt (or other surface where your crystals won’t slide around on you) to start…


..then transfer the design to the article of clothing, in this case a wedding dress. Press the hot tip to each and every crystal and hold it for 30 seconds. Move through the entire design. That’s really all there is to it!


Add your NEW initials (or maybe your grooms!) to your dress and frame with a heart! 


Here I’m adding the very popular “I Do” to the bottom of a pair of wedding shoes. Using the same steps as above, apply heat to each and every crystal for 30 seconds.


**It was a bit tricky to avoid the heel with the heat wand, but I made it work.


SO cute! The dot of the i and the period is our ‘something blue’!


You could also do this on your grooms shoes… or maybe even your bridesmaids… with a different saying of course ;)


Don’t forget your undergarments! 


This one little tool can make you unlimited sparkling wedding embellishments! 


Get the supplies you need to make this project from our affiliate links below:

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!


Photography: Studio 11 Photography // DIY tutorial by: Jen | Something Turquoise // Swarovski Elements Hotfix Tool and Crystals (in Clear 10ss, Blue Zircon 12ss, Aquamarine 12ss, Denim Blue 4mm) : Amazon but also available at Michaels // gorgeous wedding dress: Allure Bridals #2569 // cute undies: Target // nail polish: OPI – Designer de Better

April 15, 2014

For each and every real wedding that we share, it’s a requirement that we hear from
the bride… one question being; “What is your advice for brides currently in the planning process?”. Over the past 3 years we have heard some really awesome tips, so I’ve complied the most popular answers from well over 150 weddings to bring you this Top 10 List today -
the best wedding advice, straight from the mouth of real brides!


1. Make sure to take a deep breath every now and then – or do what you can to really take in each and every moment. Be present. Your day is going to fly by at rapid speed, so do your best to enjoy every bit of it – from getting ready to the grand exit!

2. Splurge on Photography! You won’t be sorry that you spent money on your dream photographer – that detail is truly going to be your best memento. It’s how your wedding day will be eternalized; imagine your grand kids looking at them one day!
***A Photography Shot list is a great thing to give your photographer; it’s a gentle reminder of the images that you absolutely want!

3. Do what makes you and your groom happy! It’s your wedding day and you get to do whatever you want! Don’t allow unimportant people speak into your plans. Communicate your vision to people that are close with you – who you trust to help you in your planning journey. 

4. Get alterations. Make sure that you are 110% comfortable wearing your wedding dress. If you are, it will not only make your day amazing – but it will show on your face! The last thing you want is to be fussing with your dress; pulling it up, itching, or even feeling too snug!

5. Eat a nice sized breakfast and/or lunch and then try your best to actually eat at your reception – so many couples don’t get the chance! Have your venue pack you some extra food to go, just in case you get hungry later in the evening. You don’t want to end up starving on your wedding night.

6. DIY something you feel comfortable with. From one detail to the entire thing… handmade items will always mean more than something you purchase from the store. If you aren’t crafty, find a friend or family member who is and have them help you create something special for your day. Not only will you cherish the project itself – but also the time spent in creation!

7. If you can’t afford to hire a wedding coordinator for your entire planning process, hire them just for the “day-of”. That way you, your family and friends aren’t stuck with the task – and everyone will get to completely enjoy the day!

8. Make a budget and stick to it. There is no worse feeling than your wedding day being over and being over budget; or worse – having credit cards maxed for a day that is gone.

9. Enjoy the planning process! Make each planning outing special; ask a friend to go with you, make a lunch/dinner/drinks date out of it, take a photo of you out and about, or maybe even keep a little planning journal. Your only going to do this once in your life – so enjoy every second. 

10. Don’t stress on the little things! Something will go wrong, and when it does – take it in stride. You are the only one who will know that your flowers weren’t the right shade of pink, your tables weren’t set up correctly, or that you ordered chocolate cake instead of strawberry… just go with the flow. Accept it and move on so that you can enjoy your day.


March 31, 2014

“I feel so lucky to have been able to join Katrina and Fletcher on their wedding day. It was obvious just how much in love they are which makes a wedding more beautiful than any decoration possibly could. However, all of Katrina’s amazing handmade details definitely made a lovely impression! It was just as marvelous watching their families come together decorating, cooking, and making the day perfect for the two of them. I think every photographer wishes they had more couples like this.” – Star Noir Studio


“Fletcher was insistent that we did not see each other at all the day of the wedding, which I was at first skeptical about, but then I completely got on board with. Throughout the day, we’d send our bridesmaids/groomsmen on reconnaissance missions to the main floor of the cabin to check if the coast was clear. When we did the pictures on the mountain with our wedding party, Fletcher and the groomsmen went first, and I came with my bridesmaids once we got word that they were almost finished. But, how do you get two cars to drive past each other on a narrow mountain path without him seeing me in my dress or me seeing him in his handsome suit? I had to duck down in the car as low as I could get, and his clever groomsmen put a handkerchief on his head to block his view. Finally seeing him at the “altar” was completely worth all the sneaking around and the whole day felt like a fun game.


..Oh goodness, where to start! I created the bow ties, pocket squares and clutches, along with painting some of the vases used for decoration (my mom did the rest). Together, Fletcher and I made the jam for favors, including berry picking! Our close friend, the wife of the officiant, did our table arrangements after getting to Gatlinburg. Fletcher’s godmother made the cakes for the wedding (and two cakes for the rehearsal dinner as well!). One of the bridesmaids did all of our wedding stationary. And EVERYONE pitched in and helped with dinner! The entire wedding was a community DIY project. 

Overall, I loved all of our projects and that the day wasn’t just about us. Everyone had a stake in making it a success, just like our marriage. We felt like that’s what a wedding should be – the celebration of the individual communities that have supported you two throughout the years coming together to share in your love for each other. It was so wonderful to know that if I needed anything done, I had an entire household of people to call upon, whether they be my family members, my future in-laws or his best friends. All of our projects created such an atmosphere of overwhelming love and I wouldn’t change a thing.


..My something old was my wedding band – it was Fletcher’s maternal grandmother’s and I am so honored to be wearing it now. I also wore my mother-in-law’s jewelry for the wedding – she let me borrow opal earrings she received from Fletcher’s paternal grandmother and an opal pendant from his maternal grandmother. The chain I used for the necklace was the one my mother-in-law bought for Fletcher’s father on their wedding day. For my “something blue,” I wore a baby blue crinoline and navy shoes. I didn’t really have anything specifically “new,” but I think my new husband counts! 


..The wedding is a ceremony for other people to witness and join in celebrating your marriage. So be mindful of your guests’ comfort and the process that they have to go through to help you have the perfect day. When planning, ask your bridesmaids for advice if you think that something might be too much to ask for – and then REALLY listen to what they have to say. Your wedding lasts a day, but your continuing relationship with your husband will not be built without the love and support of your family and friends.” – Katrina, the bride


Photography : Star Noir Studio // Dress and veil: Etsy // Shoes: Anthropologie // Groom’s Outfit: Sofyano  (a local shop in Columbus, OH) // Flowers: Lasting Impressions in Daleville, IN // Cake: Dream Bakes – Gluten Free – Fort Myers, Florida (groom’s godmother’s bakery) // Grooms Ring: Ashcraft Jewelers, Brides Ring: the groom’s grandmother // Stationary and Programs: Happy Apple Paperie

March 5, 2014

“As long as I can remember brightly color beach homes have been a favorite of mine. My husband and I always drive through beach towns and day dream about which color we would own… So I am sure you can understand why I was over the moon about shooting Sally and Matt’s wedding in Cape Charles. The venue was beyond words, so quaint, elegant and truly one of a kind. Their wedding embodied what I can only call beach chic. As soon as I showed up to the beach house I was greeted by gorgeous girls all so full of excitement! Sally had the most stunning Swiss Dot tulle dress and sparkly Kate Spade heals to match. Her groom complimented her so elegantly in a light blue seersucker suit with a pink bow tie. My absolute favorite part of their wedding was the love that surrounded them and being able to capture those moments! I had never met their family and friends but could tell by their genuine looks of happiness for Sally and Matt, that they had surrounded themselves with the best people to help start their new lives together!” – Jen Harvey Photography


“I have so many unforgettable memories but one of my most favorite moments was walking down the aisle with my Dad knowing that Matt was waiting for me at the end. Being surrounded by all of our favorite people in the world and having them all there to share in such a special moment with us is definitely a feeling I will never forget. It was was a “once in a lifetime” moment that I will always treasure. 


..We got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy! I think my favorite DIY project for the wedding was making the favor bags for our candy bar. I bought gold and white chevron paper bags and then had a personalized rubber stamp made with our monogram on it. I hand stamped over 200+ bags. I was very glad that the candy bar at the wedding was such a  huge success!


..The best advice I received was to stop every so often on your big day and really take it all in – seriously! It all goes by SO fast and it can get a bit overwhelming. The moments I remember most vividly are the ones that I stopped, took a breath and took a mental note of. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. Something will probably go wrong on your wedding day – but try to shake it off and remember what the day is truly all about. Try to enjoy every second with your new husband!!!” – Sally, the bride


photography: Jennifer Harvey Photography // venue: Kings Creek Marina, Cape Charles VA // dress: James Clifford from Betsey Robinson Bridal in Baltimore, MD // shoes: Kate Spade // grooms tux: Brooks Brothers  // bridesmaid dresses: JCrew // groomsman suits: Ralph Lauren // caterer: Aqua at Kings Creek Marina // cake + cupcakes: Sweet Disposition, Selbyville DE // hair & make-up: La Clinica Salon & Spa, Baltimore MD // flowers: Flowers By Alison, Ocean City MD // music: Ceremony-Cocktail Hour- Cris Jacobs  // reception band: Second Nature, from Sam Hill Entertainment Company // invitations + programs: Chelsey Emery

January 31, 2014

For me, planning my wedding was an absolute blast… and I enjoyed every second. However, those last few days before the big day are usually a tad bit stressful (or really stressful) no matter who you are and how well things have been planned. So today I’m sharing a project that’s obsession worthy; the Wedding Advent Calendar! It’s the absolute perfect way to brighten those last stressful days before your event; it’s a mini-celebration each and every day! Although as the bride you can’t make this for yourself – your bridesmaids will need to do it for you! So Pin, tag and share this darling idea with your besties so that they get the hint! 


We tried to keep the supplies as simple (and as cost effective) as possible!

  • large cork board (ours is 22″ x 36″ and was only $15)
  • spray paint *optional
  • cute little gift items
  • fun wrapping supplies
  • tags
  • twine/ribbon
  • sewing pins
  • and cute number stickers!


Colors Shown Here   ///   Grayscale Design

Download, print onto cardstock and cut out our FREE design above. Or create your own!


We started by masking off our cork board…


 ..and then painted the wood frame with Krylon Satin ‘Nickel’ spray paint – two coats will do.


While the spray paint is drying, you can make the numbered tags! How many gifts you will give the bride is completely up to you… from 5 to 31 ~ it’s your choice!


Now here’s the thing about using stickers (versus stamps or printing from your computer) – many do not have multiple 1′s – which you need for 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. So when purchasing your stickers, make sure that within the font you will be able to cut other letters to resemble a “1″! This package of ‘thickers’ in ‘Wisecrack‘ was the perfect font – you’d never know we cut T’s and turned them into 1′s!


Cut twine or ribbon and add little bows to each tag.


So here’s the deal. As a bridesmaid, after you’ve spent $$$ on your dress, the shoes, the shower and the bachelorette party… I get it – the last thing you want is another expense. However, if everyone only buys one or two items – it could be $3 – $10 a person.

If you want to give this gift at the bridal shower, have the board and numbers prepped before hand, ask 10-15 people to bring one, small wrapped gift (letting them know of your wrapping color scheme will be helpful) and assemble board in secret during the shower. Then give to the bride at the very end of her unwrapping all her gifts… and tell her that she has more to unwrap but not until days before her wedding! This way all the presents and wrapping have been divided up among multiple people, so it’s not as much work. ***Also, you don’t have to do 15 gifts – do 5 or 10… or 30! Whatever you want!

Gift Ideas: undies, lipstick, body spray, mini-frame, lip balm, zit stick, tea bags, eye shadow, gum, hair bands, nail polish, wine opener, socks, candles, face mask, small gift cards… etc!


Using your favorite adhesive, apply the ‘wedding advent calendar’ design.


Gather all the gifts together…


..and start assembling! Lay them out on the board before you number them to make sure they all fit together and look adorable.


Using a sewing pin (with a large head on it) – pin right through the tag and present!


Cutesy Details: I simply embellished some of the plain gift bags with Sharpies (chevron, flower swirls and large gold polka dots) and made the two large envelopes out of scrapbooking paper (stripes and mini-polka dots) just by folding and securing with scrapbooking adhesive.


This heartfelt gift will make the days leading up to your besties wedding, even more special for her… so connect with the other bridesmaids to see how you gals can pull this off!


As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture or a trackback – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY. Happy Crafting!

something turquoise DIY

Photography: Studio 11 Weddings // DIY tutorial and downloads by: Jen | Something Turquoise // large cork board, paper/gift wrapping supplies, Krylon spray paint, tags, thickers, sewing pins : Michaels // little gifts were purchased at Target, Bath & Body Shop, and Ulta // nail polish: OPI – Love Angel Music Baby

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