April 16, 2014

“The first time I met William + Valeria, she said that they aren’t a photogenic couple… yeah right?! Their DIY wedding was held at the Woods Clubhouse near their home. It was beautiful and hot summer day but their gorgeous indoor venue kept everyone cool and they happily partied all night long.” – Aga Jones Photography


“Our wedding day felt like a dream come true… so many wonderful moments it’s really hard to choose just one. However, if I have to choose one, my one favorite moment is walking down the aisle…. oh I was so nervous… I could not even look around to see everyone around me and then right before I got to the front – I looked up and saw my wonderful, handsome husband… we locked eyes… everything just felt right!


..Yes! The entire wedding was definitely an effort put forth by my husband and I. We were a team, when it came up to selecting the vendors to the linens on the table to the cake stand. I would say about 85% was done by the both of us. We created the bar top,  the vintage bath, my husband set up the ceremony and I took care of all the flowers that you see!

I absolutely love flowers and for my special day I wanted something airy and simple, so I chose babies breath for all the centerpieces and bridesmaids’ boutiques and I chose ivory roses for mine. I made all the boutiques, including my own, boutonnieres as well as the centerpieces. I also created a one of a kind rosary that I wrapped as an overlay on my bouquet.

The both of us created most of the wedding details, which made our special day feel just that much more special. We created our own monogram that we used as accents throughout everything. We even created and assembled our own save the date and wedding invitations – with the help of Paper Source in La Jolla, CA; which is just amazing DIY store, it has walls of walls of different envelopes, paper and liners and all come in unique designs and sizes!

For the ceremony, we went to a fabric store and bought burlap as our aisle runner and spray painted our monogram to make it feel one of a kind. We used vintage crates to place flowers around us for our ceremony. For our wedding guest book, I wanted something non-traditional, so chose Jenga blocks and guests were able to sign and write something special. We wanted our ceremony to be intimate and reflect our love for one another, having been together for 8 years, finally tying the knot was an unforgettable moment in time, and what better way to express our love than writing our own vowels, which just made that moment feel so special…

For the reception decorations, we refurbished a vintage bath tub, that the alcohol was kept cold in, and created our own bar top and used wine barrels that we found in my husbands dads backyard. We had signature drinks and vintage mason jars that had a chalkboard stickers on them so guests could write their name and take as a favor. My husband so incredible as he is, surprised me with a tiered cupcake stand that he made and engraved our monogram and this beautiful quote “How sweet is a kiss of loves beginning.” It was the perfect touch of a one of a kind piece and his commitment to making the wedding day so special!!!


My something old was my tiara… the last time I wore it I was fifteen! My something new was my dress. My something blue was my garter that my maid of honor made for me. 


Well, coming from my husband he said the best part was planning everything and working as a team. 

The process in itself is memorable, being a team and choosing every piece together really makes the day that much more special. I don’t think I could have done it by myself, I needed a partner and why not choose your life long partner. It was great because we did exactly what we wanted to do.” – Valeria, the bride


photography: Aga Jones Photography // venue: The Woods Club House // wedding coordination: Brittany Blain Events // dress: Prevue Formal & Bridal // bridesmaid dresses: Forever 21 // men’s attire: Macy’s // cake: The Cupcake Store // catering: San Diego Paella // rentals: Platinum Party Rentals 

April 9, 2014

“Nicole and Jeremy both live out of state so planning a wedding from far away is a bit of a challenge, especially a heavily DIY-ed wedding. Fortunately Nicole’s family lives local to their wedding venue so that made a lot of the DIY projects for their wedding a little easier. They decided to get married at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, home to the world famous Portland Headlight. The park opens it’s dates for Maine residents first and then for out of state couples – this worked in Nicole & Jeremy’s favor tremendously. We were having one of the hottest spells in a very long time that week – but it thankfully broke for Sunday morning. Had they gotten the Saturday date they originally wanted we would have been hit with 90-100 degree temps!

Almost all of their details were DIY so it made their entire wedding really personal. Everything from the invitations, flowers, the cake pops, decorations all the way to the favors were lovingly handmade. One of the standouts from the day were the doors & platform for her ceremony. Even though they were having an outdoor ceremony, Nicole still wanted that feeling of walking through doors and down the aisle. Another one of the DIY highlights were the flowers. Nicole bought buckets of flowers from a local garden and all the girls, the night before the wedding, went through all the flowers and each created their own handmade bouquet. Lovely!” – Brittany Rae Photography


“We really enjoyed the entire wedding journey! My husband and I agree we really enjoyed the ceremony and taking sunset pictures together after the reception was over. It was a quiet moment in a busy day where we could really soak in the reality of the day. We also really appreciated how each of our friends and family contributed something unique and important! We could not have managed such a wonderful wedding without their support, guidance, assistance and expertise…


..We did as much DIY as possible for a few reasons: I really enjoy crafting and creating things, to save money and because we wanted everything to be very meaningful and intentional. It was so rewarding to watch all our time and effort come together on the wedding day to create a simple but beautiful presentation.

- Invitations: Thankfully, my now husband is a very talented graphic designer, so we created, printed and assembled all our invitations, which were a huge hit!

- Centerpieces: My mom and I collected and assembled all the candles with the twigs and moss. I made some of the twig balls and bought the others. I wrapped and hot glued all the vases with the brown roping (this took the longest). We cut the table runners from a giant piece of burlap we ordered online. Some of my favorite memories are of my mom and I calling each other to a report a special find or a good deal at a store.

- Flowers: After one very frustrating session at the florist where I was feeling very anxious about which flowers to pick (there are so many options!), my mom found a lady down the road who sells wildflowers for a few dollars a pail and I said, “That’s it! Everyone makes their own bouquet with whatever flowers they want!” And we did. We ordered 15 pails of wildflowers she cut the night before the wedding and each bridesmaid was able to customize their flowers how they wanted. They also helped make the wildflower bunches to put in the vases as centerpieces. We also made the boutonnières for the guys out of leaves left over from the wildflowers. Lovely and extremely inexpensive!

- Background for ceremony: We collected wooden boxes, the ladder and chest at yard sales throughout the spring and early summer! I remember one woman cried when I told her I was going to use the boxes in my wedding because they belonged to her grandfather, who had recently passed, and she was overjoyed they were being put to such special use. My husband’s father and brother (both in carpentry/building) created the stand alone doors for us to walk through from scratch! My dad and I made the wedding signs to tell people where to go out of an old wooden pallet we found at the dump yard. He pulled all the boards off and I stencil painted them. I remember when my dad and I were driving one day and I said, “I really want some old wood that already looks worn,” and my dad came through.

- Favors: My husband and I also designed, printed and created our favors. We wanted something lasting that would be really special, so we donated the cost of favors to missionary friends and created cards to remind people to pray for them.

- Appetizer Food tables: My mom and I collected plates, platters and items from family, friends and yard sales and spent hours figuring out how to place everything on the table. We took pictures of how we wanted it set up so people would know the day of. We bought all the food/drinks as things went on sale and had friends lay it out that day.

- Cake pops: My friend/bridesmaid Sam Tate owns a cake pop business in Pennsylvania, who made all the cake pops and brought them special delivery to Maine for the wedding even though she was in a wedding in Pennsylvania the night before (she and her husband drove through the night to get to Maine for the wedding the next morning)! My mom found the baskets at a local store for really cheap and we put styrofoam blocks in the baskets (weighed down by rocks) and then put moss over top to create a “flower bed” look. The baskets were propped up by cardboard blocks from the basement we used to play with as kids and strategically covered by tablecloths!


..Looking back at the entire wedding experience, some of my favorite memories and fondest moments were actually before the wedding even happened! I remember keeping a weekly countdown chart and writing down what I did for the 25 Sundays leading up to the wedding. I really enjoyed bonding with family and friends, planning with my fiancé, completing a Bridal Workbook called “The Conscious Bride,” compiling things for the wedding and silly things like calling my mom over another 50% off coupon at the craft store. I highly recommend keeping a journal, chart or scrap book of the planning, preparation and wedding because it goes by so fast. Take the time to close your eyes and treasure the moments leading up to the wedding and of course, the wedding day itself! Also, keep discontentment at bay by remembering what you are thankful for and letting go of unreasonable expectations. Your wedding is unique and cannot be compared to any other wedding! Make it your own. Enjoy the journey!” – Nicole, the bride


Photography: Brittany Rae Photography // Venue: Fort Williams Pavilion, Maine // Dress + Bridesmaid Dresses (picked their own – in clover): David’s Bridal // Veil: Etsy // Shoes: Tom’s Bridal // Necklace: customized with the brides birthstones and initials via Etsy // Men’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse // Rings: custom by Don Basch Jewelers // cake pops: Pint Size Pops // catering: Dandelion Catering

March 31, 2014

“I feel so lucky to have been able to join Katrina and Fletcher on their wedding day. It was obvious just how much in love they are which makes a wedding more beautiful than any decoration possibly could. However, all of Katrina’s amazing handmade details definitely made a lovely impression! It was just as marvelous watching their families come together decorating, cooking, and making the day perfect for the two of them. I think every photographer wishes they had more couples like this.” – Star Noir Studio


“Fletcher was insistent that we did not see each other at all the day of the wedding, which I was at first skeptical about, but then I completely got on board with. Throughout the day, we’d send our bridesmaids/groomsmen on reconnaissance missions to the main floor of the cabin to check if the coast was clear. When we did the pictures on the mountain with our wedding party, Fletcher and the groomsmen went first, and I came with my bridesmaids once we got word that they were almost finished. But, how do you get two cars to drive past each other on a narrow mountain path without him seeing me in my dress or me seeing him in his handsome suit? I had to duck down in the car as low as I could get, and his clever groomsmen put a handkerchief on his head to block his view. Finally seeing him at the “altar” was completely worth all the sneaking around and the whole day felt like a fun game.


..Oh goodness, where to start! I created the bow ties, pocket squares and clutches, along with painting some of the vases used for decoration (my mom did the rest). Together, Fletcher and I made the jam for favors, including berry picking! Our close friend, the wife of the officiant, did our table arrangements after getting to Gatlinburg. Fletcher’s godmother made the cakes for the wedding (and two cakes for the rehearsal dinner as well!). One of the bridesmaids did all of our wedding stationary. And EVERYONE pitched in and helped with dinner! The entire wedding was a community DIY project. 

Overall, I loved all of our projects and that the day wasn’t just about us. Everyone had a stake in making it a success, just like our marriage. We felt like that’s what a wedding should be – the celebration of the individual communities that have supported you two throughout the years coming together to share in your love for each other. It was so wonderful to know that if I needed anything done, I had an entire household of people to call upon, whether they be my family members, my future in-laws or his best friends. All of our projects created such an atmosphere of overwhelming love and I wouldn’t change a thing.


..My something old was my wedding band – it was Fletcher’s maternal grandmother’s and I am so honored to be wearing it now. I also wore my mother-in-law’s jewelry for the wedding – she let me borrow opal earrings she received from Fletcher’s paternal grandmother and an opal pendant from his maternal grandmother. The chain I used for the necklace was the one my mother-in-law bought for Fletcher’s father on their wedding day. For my “something blue,” I wore a baby blue crinoline and navy shoes. I didn’t really have anything specifically “new,” but I think my new husband counts! 


..The wedding is a ceremony for other people to witness and join in celebrating your marriage. So be mindful of your guests’ comfort and the process that they have to go through to help you have the perfect day. When planning, ask your bridesmaids for advice if you think that something might be too much to ask for – and then REALLY listen to what they have to say. Your wedding lasts a day, but your continuing relationship with your husband will not be built without the love and support of your family and friends.” – Katrina, the bride


Photography : Star Noir Studio // Dress and veil: Etsy // Shoes: Anthropologie // Groom’s Outfit: Sofyano  (a local shop in Columbus, OH) // Flowers: Lasting Impressions in Daleville, IN // Cake: Dream Bakes – Gluten Free – Fort Myers, Florida (groom’s godmother’s bakery) // Grooms Ring: Ashcraft Jewelers, Brides Ring: the groom’s grandmother // Stationary and Programs: Happy Apple Paperie

March 27, 2014

Garden weddings are a trend that will never disappear! This bouquet is a modern twist on the traditional hand tied bouquet since it’s designed in a crescent shape. These wild flowers were selected in a variety of tones and textures to embody the garden feel. Hanging amaranthus is one of my favorite flowers, so are orchids and dahlia’s – so when I saw this bouquet Jacki literally had to scrape my jaw off the floor… I’m beyond obsessed and I’m so glad I finally get to share it with you today!


AVAILABILITY // Most of these flowers are available year round except the bouvardia which is available only in late winter early spring. The bouvardia can be substituted with wax flower for a similar look. 


RECIPE // 6 stems light pink stock, 1 bunch pink bouvardia, 5 cymbidium orchid blooms, 6 stems of dahlia in white and pink, 1/4 bunch of clover, 1/4 bunch pepper berries, 1/2 bunch burgundy hanging amaranthus, 2 stems black berries and a small amount of ribbon. 


CARE // Dahlias can be very fragile and it’s best to touch them sparingly. They can also wilt quickly in high heat making it best to keep them in water as long as possible. A mist of water over the bouquet will help to keep the orchids fresh as well as the foliage. 


BOUTONNIERES // From modern to traditional, this bouquet can be paired with many different bout options! From left to right; a masculine boutonniere made from hanging amaranthus (which we are obsessed with), a modern mix of foliage and the center of the cymbidium orchid, a traditional cymbidium orchid accented with berries, a simple clover boutonniere, and finally a modern orchid petal and clover boutonniere.


Amazing Photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // Gorgeous Florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // Styling by: Jen | Something Turquoise

March 10, 2014

“If you can imagine having your wedding at a Lemonade stand out in the orchards of southern California, Bryan & Whitney’s wedding is what you would get! It was a warm summer day filled with much laughter and love from friends and family. The couple had a lemonade stand set up overflowing with a family recipe lemonade that greeted the guests as they arrived. But the best part of the day by far wasn’t the cute decorations (which were fun and summery), but the couple’s sweet love for each other and easy going attitude! They even dealt with a mini-catastrophe, an old door used as a prop blew over onto their cake, so an aunt had to run to the grocery to get another generic cake. The couple didn’t know about it until the cake cutting, and they burst into laughter wondering where their cake was, but just smiled and cut the cake they had, acting like nothing was wrong!” – Lukas & Suzy VanDyke


Married: Whitney & Bryan from Lunch Pail Pictures


“I don’t know if I could ever choose one specific memory! The day was so much more than I ever could have imagined because of the amazing help of my family and friends who helped pull together all the details we had envisioned. I had so been looking forward to just being married to Bryan that once we said “I Do”, the whole rest of the day we were all smiles. I think I hear often how a lot of couples can’t remember their wedding day because it went so fast, but I was really intentional about taking everything in. It’s all still so vivid! If I had to pick one memory that still stands out to me so vividly it would be when I first saw Bryan as my dad walked me down the aisle. We had decided not to do a first look so that moment was a big one, and I just remember feeling like it was so surreal that we had finally reached our wedding day. It was also really special for me to have those moments with my dad right before everything got underway. I also about died laughing hysterically when they told us our cake had been knocked over by a vintage door and had been replaced with a white Happy Quinceanera from a grocery store down the road that had the frosting scraped off. When we cut into it and it oozed out onto the platter, we burst into laughter. No one knew but us and our families – it was hilarious!


..Yes, we did a lot of DIY projects for the wedding. Most of the decor was DIY – we found a lot of items at thrift stores like the vintage doors and old windows. A lot of the garlands we used at the reception had been made by my amazing bridesmaids and sweet family friends for the bridal showers they threw for me and I just loved them so much I had to use them again. My talented aunt made the big “Eat, Drink Lemonade, Be Married” banner that we hung from the trees above the favor table and my uncle made sure it got strung up just right the morning of. The wooden signs we used as directional pointers to get to the reception and also at the venue my mom and I painted in my parents’ garage at 1am the night before the wedding. My dad constructed the archway we entered through at the reception with branches from the lemon tree in my parents’ backyard. Those are the little things I loved about prepping for this wedding, how everything just came together with so much laughter and joy. I really couldn’t have done it without my mom & sweet aunties plus my lifelong friends/bridesmaids (& their moms!) They were just incredible.


..I did! It all sort of came together the day of! My Something Old: was a vintage handkerchief I kept in the pocket of my wedding dress (yes my dress had pockets!) from my grandma, Delphine. Something Borrowed: was the stunning diamond bracelet that my Aunt Lou let me wear. Something Blue: was my garter, made by the lovely Emilee Hegg of Tasteful Tatters. And Something New: was my Tiffany’s necklace from my sweet groom engraved with my new last name!


..First of all, enjoy the process! From finding your venue to opening the RSVP envelopes, soak in every moment. It goes by so quickly. Pick what’s most important to you and really focus your attention there and let the smaller details fall into place on their own. It’s just one day so make it absolutely memorable but most importantly, remember that you’re getting MARRIED. The rest of your life is so much bigger than just that one day. So if your cake falls over (which ours did!) or if your ring bearer goes fleeing in the opposite direction of the aisle (which ours did), laugh and enjoy every moment. You’ll be so thankful that you remember all the once in a lifetime moments, both big and small, when you think back on your big day. We do!” – Whitney, the bride


Photography: Lukas & Suzy VanDyke // Videography: Lunch Pail Pictures // Dress and Belt: Watters Gown from Marylinn’s Bridal (now Panache), Pasadena, CA // Alterations, Veil, & Reception Hairpiece: Chantilly’s Bridal, Newhall, CA // Bride’s Shoes: Seychelles // Garter: Tasteful Tatters by Emilee Hegg // Suits & Men’s Shoes: Mr. Tux, Newhall, CA // Groom’s Tie: Men’s Warehouse // Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Banana Republic // Flower Girls Dresses: updated from when me and my cousin wore them in my aunt’s wedding in 1998  // Ring Bearer’s Outfit: J.Crew, Janie & Jack, and Gap Kids // Make-up: Nicole Lind // Hair: Amy Wolf, Beyond the Fridge, Newhall, CA // Invitations: Minted // Calligraphy: My mom! Wendy Kane // Ceremony: Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA // Ceremony Program: Kea Brooks // Reception Site: La Campana Ranch, Fillmore, CA // Reception Map: Jamie Long // Music: Subito Strings // Flowers: Yamaguchi’s, Ventura, CA // Wedding Cake: Cakery Bakery, La Canada, CA // Rentals: Ventura Rental Company // Reception Details, Favors & Guestbooks: DIY by bride’s family & bridesmaids. Hanging Lemonade Banner by Brooke Moore

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