May 30, 2013

“What a terrific day to spend with such a fun and happy couple! Allison loved the architecture in Los Angeles and so we spent the day touring through some of the most beautiful spots in downtown LA! It was awesome how Allison and Drew were so versatile; going from dressy to casual and looking great no matter the setting. Drew encouraged Allison through the entire shoot, it was really cute. Their wedding in Santa Barbara is going to be beautiful!” – Andy Bang Photographers

ST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0001PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0002PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0003PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0004PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0005PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0006PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0007PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0008PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0009PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0010PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0011PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0012PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0013PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0016PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0015PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0014PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0017PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0018PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0019PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0020PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0021PinST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0022Pin ST_Andy_Bangs_Photographers_0023PinST_how_did_you_find_your_photographer_

“Drew used to work with Andy. They have stayed close ever since then and when we got engaged we knew right away who we wanted as photographer!


..yes, we are DIYing a few things here and there. Drew is artsy & crafty so he really wanted to DIY as much we feasibly could. So, we did all the custom designing and printing of our invitations, stationary and favors. We are adding our own little touches to the decorations here and there but, the Montecito Country Club in Santa Barbara is such a beautiful venue we didn’t really need to add much to it…


..the wedding itself!!! While all the wedding planning is fun – it’s a lot of hard work. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out and celebrate with of our family and friends! – Allison, the bride-to-be

February 27, 2013

“Anne and Andy’s wedding at D’Amore was all about the details and I loved capturing each and every one! The colors could not be any more beautiful, Tiffany blues and shades of pink were paired with bold black and white stripes… this fun theme was the creation of the talented ladies at Eventfull Planning.” – Meg Miller Photography

ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_1Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_2Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_3Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_4Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_5Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_6Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_7Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_8Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_9Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_10Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_11Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_12Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_13Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_14Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_14aPin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_15Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_16Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_17Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_18Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_19Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_20Pin ST_Meg_Miller_Photography_pink_turquoise_wedding_21PinST_favorite_wedding_day_memory

“There are so many amazing memories from that day. I had to remind myself to take those mental snapshots because those moments are so special and they go so quickly. The biggest highlight from our ceremony was reading the vows we had written to one another. At our reception, Andy and I particularly loved the toasts. We laughed and cried, and really got to take in the whole day…


I love to DIY! Having some handmade things at our wedding meant a lot to me. I painted the “Mr. and Mrs.” window and crafted old windows for the escort cards.  I glued dowels to clothespins and painted them for our table numbers and menu cards. I fell in love with a pair of $1500 Jimmy Choo’s, so I decided to DIY my own pair for less than $100 (and several hours of crystal applying!) I turned an old crate into our card holder with some moss sheets and an “H” wood cutout. I started a lot of the crafts in the slower winter months before our wedding and had a few “wine and painting” evenings with my girlfriends. My mom, who taught me all I know about craftiness, made monogrammed pillows and refurbished two garage sale end tables into beautiful aqua tables for our reception. She also made my garter which used satin from my grandmother’s wedding gown. She sewed black and white stripe tissue covers for our guests and shoe bags for my bridesmaids.

I was really pleased with how everything turned out, in fact we use some of the decor in our home, post wedding! I will be reusing/repainting several items for upcoming friends’ weddings and bridal showers…


Make sure you enjoy the process! We both work in sales and can have crazy schedules. In our situation, we knew the only way we were going to enjoy the planning process was to enlist the help of a planner who could take care of pairing down all the options out there and get things done that we didn’t have time for. We focused time on the parts that interested us the most and she helped with the rest. That let Andy and I focus on preparing for our marriage as much as we were for the wedding itself.” – Anne, the bride


photography: Meg Miller Photography // event planner: Laura of Eventfull Planning // ceremony venue: Holy Cross Lutheran Church // reception venue: D’amore, Events of Indianapolis // wedding dress: La Sposa from Blue House Bridal // brides jewelry: Elen Henderson Designs from Blue House Bridal // bridesmaids necklaces: Angie Kelly – Lia Sophia // bridesmaid dresses: Alfred Sung by Dessy from Blue House Bridal // shoes: Lulu Townsend from DSW + crystals DIY-ed by the bride! // invitations: Pink Poppy Ink // hair: Paul Gividen from Salon 6 // makeup: Jentura Summerville // grooms suit: Andrew Porter // florist: JP Parker // cake: Cake Zen // rings: custom designs by Tom Christenson // caterer: Tomas Caterers of Distinction, Inc.

February 21, 2013

“They have an ‘old fashioned’ love. He still opens the door for her, he holds her hand… and I’m pretty sure he would cover a puddle with his jacket so she could step over it. Ashley sent me a text and said, “Hey, I got this old truck! Do you think we could use it?” Every part of me smiled, and we were off!” – Collette Mruk Photography

ST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_1PinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_2PinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_3PinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_4PinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_5PinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_5aPinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_5bPinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_6PinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_7PinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_8PinST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_9Pin ST_Collette_Mruk_Photography_retro_engagement_10PinST_how_did_you_find_your_photographer_

Collette Mruk took some great pictures of my brother for her sports photography and high school senior portfolio. I decided to obtain her services after seeing his photos and some other engagement/wedding sessions she had done for other people.  She is very creative and tries to remain unique to the person she is photographing, which I like.  One of my favorite movies is The Notebook and my wedding theme is a vintage/rustic but chic theme. I love the vintage setting so I asked Collette if we could incorporate an antique truck that belonged to a very good friend’s grandfather in our pictures.  She immediately had some ideas as to how to bring it all together. My mom and I set out to find the perfect outfit which was purchased at the Black and White store. The vintage polka dot black and white skirt couldn’t have been planned out better especially with my red high heels…my next adventure was to locate some suspenders and a vintage style hat for William. Once my mission was accomplished and a date was set…I couldn’t wait to pull it all together. Of course the beautiful antique truck just topped it all off like a big red cherry! It was the perfect centerpiece for our background. Vintage yet rustic and chic….everything I wanted Collette to capture and she did it!..


We are painting wooden table numbers as well as making burlap sacks or the bridesmaid gift bags. If time permits we plan to try and make eyelet lace covered balloons to hang in the trees for our ceremony…


The biggest moment I am looking forward to is when the doors open to the ceremony and seeing William at the end of the isle watching me walk towards my best friend to start the beginning of forever, for us!” – Ashely, the bride

January 23, 2013

“Krista and Paul truly created an elegant affair in the heart of a gorgeous location, the Bedell Cellars.  This was a dream wedding to photograph. Not only was every detail completely thought through, but Krista and Paul were a pleasure to work with. They were as loving to their family and guests as they are to each other, making images of this kind of authentic connection is a beautiful experience to be part of.”Roberto Falck Photography

ST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_1PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_2PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_3PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_4PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_5PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_6PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_7PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_8PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_9PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_10PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_11PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_12PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_13PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_14PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_15PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_18PinJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I love that Krista knows her strengths. She knew she wanted the feeling of a crafty and welcoming wedding – so she looked to the crafty wedding pros and purchased specific items from Etsy sellers and other online wedding shops. She did a wonderful job of creating a classy and personal theme that drenched the guests with comfort and celebration…

ST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_16PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_17PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_19PinST_Roberto_Falck_Photography_20PinWhat is your favorite wedding day memory

It is hard to narrow down my favorite wedding day memory as it was all so very special to me.  If I had to choose one moment aside from walking down the aisle to my future husband Paul, it was walking into the pavilion at Bedell Cellars, being surrounded by all of our family and friends and knowing we had several hours to celebrate our marriage with them all in one place.   In that moment we both felt so blessed, not only for all of the loving contributions they have made to each of our lives over the years, but that our friends and family would take the time and travel distances to be there for the occasion.  I also felt extremely lucky for having the great vendors that we did.  We felt very strongly that we wanted to have a wedding celebration and setting that showed how special everyone in the room was to us, and seeing the room, the table settings and the care and attention that each vendor had spent on the small details of the day was very gratifying and humbling.  We were and are very appreciative.

Did you DIY anything for your wedding

Fortunately for all involved I did not use my very lacking arts and crafts skills for the event, but we did want the wedding and the day to have a comfortable and fun feel for all of the guests.  It is a celebration after all!  Bedell is such a beautiful venue, we also wanted the natural beauty of the winery and Long Island to shine through, so we tried to keep our touches simple.  We added a welcome sign that we purchased from Etsy on the drink table as guests approached the lawn for the ceremony and a second Mr. and Mrs. Sign for the backs of mine and Paul’s chairs.  The chairs were situated just above the steps to the pavilion and we thought that was a nice soft touch.  We also had wraps and flip flops available for the women.  The basket for the flip flops was actually part of one of my shower gifts we were able to reuse and I found the oval shaped holder for the wraps at Pier One Imports.    For the men, we made arrangements to purchase cigars from a local producer on Long Island and had them situated in a cigar box I also found at Pier One.  The cordial bar featured a variety of scotches since that is the drink of choice for my husband and his friends along with other spirits you may typically expect to find.  The signage for all of the extras was provided by Cheree Berry save for the flip flops sign, which was a late personal addition, so a talented friend prepared that sign!  Our cocktail hour was celebrated out on the lawn at Bedell Cellars overlooking the vineyards.  To help set the tone for a fun evening, we added a croquet set on the side of the lawn as well as a corn hole game.  To provide a bit of a personal touch, we had the two pieces of the corn hole game painted with the colors from our respective colleges.  It was a bit chillier than expected on our wedding day, so the wraps were a big hit.  We also found a number of our friends enjoying participating in the games which we think helped send the message that we wanted everyone to relax and enjoy the evening.  And, of course, our wonderful photographer Roberto, caught it all!

What is your advice for brides currently in the planning process

Brides receive so much advice when they are planning their weddings, I think the best advice I can possibly give someone is to decide with their significant other what type of an event they want and then build on that idea.  For Paul and I we were focused on providing an elegant yet fun evening for our guests.  We also wanted to show why we chose Bedell Cellars and why we love the North Fork of Long Island.  For us that meant working really closely with our wonderful caterers, John and Nikki at A Small Affair, to produce a menu that was locally sourced and a selection of foods and beverages that would appeal to a variety of tastes.  Karen, our florist, also understood our vision and made sure the flowers would complement the look and feel of the evening.  A number of our guests stayed locally in Greenport, New York for the weekend.  We added to the local feel of the weekend by using sailor utility bags as the gift bag and stuffing them with snacks and beverages from local producers and restaurants and a local guide that included a schedule of events for the weekend, things to do in town and some historical information about Greenport to help familiarize the guests with the area.  For the bridesmaids I was also able to find some great tote bags through Wm J. Mills and Co. located in Greenport to give them as a gift.  We included personalized handbags from Etsy for the wedding in the tote along with a bottle of wine from Bedell Cellars.  We think everyone really enjoyed the local touches and it made them feel more a part of the weekend, which was what we were looking for.

wedding event credits

photography: New York Wedding Photography Studio,  Roberto Falck Photography // venue: Bedell Cellars Winery // dress: Amsale // Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Bill Levkoff // Junior Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy // Flower Girl Dress: US Angels // Ring Bearer Outfit: Brooks Brothers // Catering: A Small Affair, East Quogue, NY // Flowers: Karen Lenahan Designs, Sag Harbor, NY // Hair and Make-up: Emir Pehilj, New York, NY // Groom’s Suit: Tom James, New York, NY // Invitations: William Arthur // Day-of-Stationary: Cheree Berry Paper // Cake: Junda’s Pastry Shop, St. James, New York // Band: Eric Nicholas and One Love, Elan Artists, New York, NY // Flip-Flops: Old Navy (on sale in the fall!) // Cigars: Little Cigar Factory, Greenport, New York

January 14, 2013

Seth clearly got a robust sense of humor from his parents… he has a way of making Jen laugh just about any time he gets the notion. Jen herself has quite a lighthearted nature, so I hadn’t expected such beautiful moments of emotion and gravity that I felt so honored to witness at this wedding. They way they spoke to each other during the vows was so sincere and sweet, after all their playfulness I was moved by how sweet and tender they really are towards each other. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house during Jen’s father’s toast– in which he himself got choked up while speaking of his love for his own wife and how deep love grows throughout a couple’s marriage. I was so pleased to be a part of this special couple’s big day!” – Sarah Tew Photograhpy

sarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I absolutely love the creativity in Jennifer’s seating cards! She hand typed each guests name and seating information on library cards and also stamped dates that are special to her and Seth, to make the cards look used. They were displayed in an old library catalogue drawer which she purchased online. Terrific job of incorporating the theme of the venue into your event… adorable!

sarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinsarah tew photographyPinWhat is your favorite wedding day memory

Reading our own vows and walking around New York City (in our wedding attire) and having so many people smile and wish us the best!

Did you DIY anything for your wedding

My place cards were my only DIY project. I purchased library cards and an old library card catalog drawer online. I also borrowed a coworker’s old Royal portable typewriter and typed each of the names on the card. I then stamped them with dates of significance, but still had the feel of an overdue book.

What is your advice for brides currently in the planning process

Pinterest and online blogs were invaluable to me. Also, try not to concede on the parts of the wedding that are most important to you or your husband, but be willing to compromise on those that are not. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate! My husband, Seth, was so helpful; we split up the planning and divided the phone calls, e-mails and scheduling. Since I didn’t have a bridal party, it alleviated a lot of stress! – Jennifer

wedding event credits

photography: Sarah Tew Photography // venue: Housing Works Bookstore Cafe // catering: The Works Catering // florist: Kerry Quade // dress: Justin Alexander // hair and makeup: Sam Brocato Salon // shoes: Arturo Chiang at Lord & Taylor // suit: Michael, Michael Kors // rings: La Gravinese Jewelers of Pelham // officiant: One Heart Ceremonies // invitations: Papyrus

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