July 26, 2012

I am sure that you are all busy designing and creating fun DIY projects including save the dates, seating cards, programs, and etc! So where do you go to find interesting and unique fonts, that you can download for free? Two of my favorite sites for free font downloads are; LostType.com and Dafont.com. You can browse these sites for hours looking through endless amounts interesting type, from wedding invitations to halloween invitations – you will find fonts fit for every occasion. For a little inspiration, here are some of my favorite recent finds!


free font downloads


free font downloads


free font downloads


free font downloads


free font downloads


free font downloads


free font downloads


free font downloads


free font downloads


free font downloads

PS! When on LostType.com and it asks you how much you would like to donate for the font, just put $0 and it will let you download the font for free!

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  1. Val says:

    Hey Jen, Thank you for sharing the free fonts. I sometimes create docs in Publisher and I want to use these fonts in there. I have downloaded a few of the fonts (above) into my FONTS folder and and extracted the files, now how do I see the fonts in Publisher to use them? Can you assist me? You have my email address to contact me and I would be willing to share my phone no. with you so you can assist me, if needed. Thanks so much! Val

    • Jen | Something Turquoise says:

      Hi Val! As long as you instal them correctly they should work in most programs. I download, double click the font file folder, and then click instal font – some have more than one font file attached and you have to click on each file to import the regular, italic, bold, etc. versions. I know that the lovely people that design these fonts can’t make them work in every single program, but the ones that they do work should then just show up in your fonts directory. There might be more installation help on the websites. Hope this helps!

      • Val says:

        Yes, this did help! I also found that I was downloading to a file folder that said FONTS, but the fonts worked after I found the FONTS folder in my control panel under WINDOWS. Now, the fonts show up after I download them. They now work in Publisher! Thanks so much! New Fonts are always fun!

  2. I love these fonts can’t wait to use them!

  3. Briana says:

    What is the font used on the Instagram Save the Dates?

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